CHAPTER 15 | SD10: I think the MugshotMary Web site is despicable and totally deaf to half the electorate. I think a woman in the 10th District is nuts to pull the lever for Bob Wieckowski…I think Hayashi has consistently said sorry for her transgression three years ago. What else is she supposed to do other than beg on bended knee?…I think Mary Hayashi should be given a second chance and the clamoring against her is due, in most part, to Democratic leaders in Alameda County and her former counterparts in the Assembly who see an opportunity to pay her back for her rough style of politics…I think Bob Wieckowski is way too prone to saying goofy things in public and it’s going to bite him in the ass, especially if Hayashi is his general election opponent. If she’s not, nobody will pay much attention to this race.

CA15: I think this race will again feature a candidate making a bevy of unforced errors. This time it will be Rep. Eric Swalwell, but it still might not be enough. I think Swalwell is already a product of Washington. I think he looks, sounds (I will not, must not…) and surrounds himself with a Beltway-like entourage of West Wing wannabes. I think if he wins re-election, he will never be stopped until hubris overwhelms him into thinking one day he can run for U.S. Senate as a conservative Democrat…I think most people who have watched State Sen. Ellen Corbett over the years know never to count her out. She won unwinnable races for San Leandro mayor and the State Senate and could be the comeback kid, again…I think Corbett needs to show more sense of urgency, craft a line of attack and beat it like a drum. Eric lies, Eric lies, Eric lies, and when he does lie from here to November, it only reinforces the meme.

CA17: I think Rep. Mike Honda needs to smile, tell a joke and memorize some snazzy bite-sized quotes. I think if he doesn’t, voters are going to interpret it as Honda being tired and worn out. I think his downfall might include mispronouncing a Web app or saying “Hitamel,” instead of HTML. Intense mocking from nerds in Silicon Valley will be unmerciful…I think Ro Khanna has done his homework and it shows every time he speaks about his vision for the future… I think more than anything else, the rapidly-growing South Asian community in the newer sections of the 17th District would love to have an Indian American in Congress. Wouldn’t you, if you belonged to a rising minority?

CA13: I think Rep. Barbara Lee needs to be careful. Her appearance last week on CNN, when she agreed to boosting the state minimum wage to $26 an hour, sounds like Pete Stark-like lunacy to the right…I think the right could turn her into the national caricature for far-left politics…I think she’s the next entrenched East Bay Democrat to go, but not yet. I think the Swalwell-Stark race spooked everybody and Lee will be the first smart one and retire on her own. I think most people think Assemblymember Rob Bonta is now Lee’s heir apparent, but what if an upstart with potential rises? I think Bonta won’t be like Corbett or Khanna and wait his turn.

AD16: I think Steve Glazer is an impressive candidate and the Contra Costa County Assembly district seems perfect for him, but…I think Glazer won’t get anything done in Sacramento. Who is he going to caucus with? He’ll be a pariah…I think Tim Sbranti is an excellent mayor for Dublin, but I’m really surprised by how much he seems out of his league in the race, the same with Newell Arnerich.

AD15: I think Elizabeth Echols needs a shot of adrenaline, followed by a personality transfusion…It think Tony Thurmond is the polar opposite, but it’s really, really hard to image any of these candidates taking the oath of office in December. It’s almost like nobody in the entire Assembly district cared to run.

Hayward mayor: Halliday, Salinas, Zermento

HAYWARD MAYOR: I think Hayward residents should not register a vote for mayor and punching a vote for Rakesh Kumar Christian is not a protest vote, either. I think there is not much difference between the three council members running for mayor, anyway.

HAYWARD CITY COUNCIL: I think candidates Rodney Loche and Julie McKillop, if elected, will vote against city employee’s interests just like the current council…I think McKillop, in particular, is fooling people into thinking she’s open-minded. She’s part of the Hayward Chamber of Commerce, the cauldron of everything wrong in Hayward…I think re-electing Councilmmeber Marvin Peixoto, despite his anti-worker vote, and adding Sara Lamnin is the optimum result for Hayward.

ALAMEDA COUNTY MEASURE AA: I think this is the most important decision on the entire ballot. I think most people realize how important the reauthorization of funding for the Alameda Health System hospitals is to the well-being of struggling residents…I think the funding for hospitals and the county’s attention to health care for undocumented immigrants is the prime reason you should be proud to live here.

EVERYTHING ELSE: I think voters should leave the following races blank: Alameda County Supervisor (Wilma Chan, Richard Valle); Alameda County Sheriff, District Attorney. All are running unopposed. This isn’t a choice, it’s asking for a coronation…I think the East Bay’s own Betty Yee would be good at doing whatever a state controller does…I think voting by mail is convenient, but you might want to wait until Election Day to cast your ballot. You never know what might go down in the next three weeks.