ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 16 A mailer from Steve Glazer this week strongly indicates the moderate Democrat is making a push to the right. “Republicans, put an effective fiscal conservative in the State Assembly. Vote for Steve Glazer,” says the mailer. Included are endorsements from the Republican mayors of Orinda, Lafayette and a council member from Moraga. In other mailers, Glazer has also backed Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax-increase measure two years ago. Furthermore the mailer this week gives credence to the belief by some that Republican Catharine Baker is headed for the top two.

CONGRESS DISTRICT 15 State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett is not gaining much traction, at least, among those willing to pony up donations. Corbett, though, did begin to spend some of her limited supply of cash since April 1, according to campaign finance reports released today. Rep. Eric Swalwell still holds a large advantage with over $696,000 in the bank through May 17. Corbett follows with $116,000, while Republican Hugh Bussell reported just $3,200. Although, Corbett has never been known as a very good fundraiser, it’s becoming increasingly clear any chance of her attracting donors this fall will only follow a strong second-place finish on June 3..,Meanwhile, Swalwell appeared with a Sesame Street character on Capitol Hill while helping out veterans.

HAYWARD MAYOR Councilmember Francisco Zermeno has a pretty good grasp of social media, at least, Facebook and Instagram. Over the past few months, Zermeno has posted photos of Hayward streets he canvasses with the comment, “Love my city.” But, on Wednesday, he was upset when he came across one of his yard signs splayed on the street and snapped a photo. “This is NOT right! My lawn sign in the street! Who’s doing this?” Zermeno wrote on Instagram. One supporter replied, “Politics has always been and will always be a dirty business. Good luck it takes a special type of person to swim with sharks.”