Poll Shows Honda Up 19 Points Over Khanna; Republicans Lag Far Behind

Ro Khanna, Rep. Mike Honda

CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | As the number of days before the June primary inch closer to single digits a KPIX/SurveyUSA poll shows Rep. Mike Honda with a 19 point advantage over fellow Democrat Ro Khanna in the East Bay’s 17th Congressional District race.

The poll of 825 registered voters from May 20-22 showed Honda with 40 percent support, followed by Khanna at 21 percent. The two Republicans in the race, however, are finding it difficult to attract much support, even among their own party or independents. Singh garnered just eight percent of respondents, followed by Vanlandingham with six percent.

Among those who identify as Republicans, the level of support among the four candidates is relatively even. Support Singh topped 25 percent, followed by Vanlandingham at 22 percent; Honda with 19 percent and Khanna at 18 percent.

The growing subgroup of independent voters, though, are leaning toward Khanna. The poll found Khanna at 29 percent; Honda, 21 percent; Singh, 9 percent; Vanlandingham, 6 percent.

Honda’s strong support rests with registered Democrats, according to the poll. Fifty-seven percent of respondents back Honda’s re-election, while 21 percent support Khanna. Not surprisingly, Singh and Vanlandingham hover at 2 and 1 percent, respectively.

In addition, with less than two weeks before the primary, a majority of the respondents to the phone survey had already mailed in their ballots, according to the poll.

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3 replies

  1. In the 2012 primary, Pete Stark got 42.1% in the primary, but ended up with only 47.9% in November.

    Odds still favor Honda in November, but with 5 more months to campaign, Khanna is still in it, especially with significant dollars.
    In the primary, that poll indicates there are 25% undecided..
    Of that group, you won't find many if any knee-jerk Democrats who always vote for the incumbent that the “party” supports.
    Also, I say independents end up breaking more for Khanna in November.
    Republicans will also break towards Khanna in November.

    Khanna is still a new entity for many voters, while Honda is a known name. Lots of voters are lazy.


  2. Honda wull be reelected


  3. Khanna will lose big time in the primary. $2.5 million has meant little traction. The last poll showed pretty much the same.

    The general election, i'm sure we will hear more about how Khanna supporters helped the other two republicans get on the ballot. Singh would have probably beaten Khanna for 2nd place had it not been for the other republicans jumping in.

    Khanna should save his money and look for another congressional district to run in 2 years.


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