Steve Glazer

ASSEMBLY | DISTRICT 16 | In the sports world, it’s called a fortuitous bounce. In politics, it’s what happened today for 16th Assembly District candidate Steve Glazer.

Although, nowhere close to the Oakland Hills and Contra Costa County-center assembly district, members of the San Francisco Transport Workers Union Local 250, who began a potential three-day sickout Monday morning in protest of languishing labor negotiations, might provide impetus for voters there still steaming about the notorious BART strikes that ended over six months ago. The likely benefactors would be Glazer, who led the high-profile opposition to public employee transportation strikes last year, and the lone Republican in the race, attorney Catharine Baker.

The union which represents MUNI workers slowed down the pace of traffic this morning in The City, but the decision to stage a sickout just a day before a high-profile and contentious June primary election across the bay may look more than a tad myopic. In the past few months, an independent expenditure committee formed by various labor unions have spent together nearly $2 million to support Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti, the union-backed candidate in the race. Yet, the MUNI union’s decision this weekend likely provides union opponents in the East Bay an outlet to relive the anger and uncertainty that followed two separate work stoppages in the last half of 2013.

Unwittingly, the move could be Glazer’s big break. The only consensus about this race, in fact, revolves around predictions of a toss-up between Glazer and Sbranti for the second spot in the November General Election behind Baker. Nevermind, over $3.8 million combined in special interests money has been spent in this race for and against Glazer and Sbranti, it may be the vote of frustrated union members across the bay that make the most convincing case for either candidate.