Long-Time Oakland Councilmember Larry Reid May Soon Quit

Councilmember Larry Reid

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | There may be another city council seat open this November in Oakland. Sources at City Hall say Councilmember Larry Reid is set to retire after 17 years in office.

However, Reid was already telling a few council colleagues of his decision at least one month ago, He cited health problems that have plagued him since last summer, according to some at City Hall. Reid missed nearly three months of work from July to September last year and often appeared to be in discomfort while sitting at the council dais. Soon after, Reid was walking with the aid of a cane.

In addition, Reid’s long-time chief of staff Ray Leon announced on Facebook early Monday morning he is taking a three month leave of absence, starting today. “I am making a life changing career decision,” wrote Leon. “I am great and looking forward to this time off to focus. The job has become stressful, but I wouldn’t have changed anything for it is still rewarding when helping others.”

The past 18 months have been tumultuous for Reid. His health problems were preceded by a city auditor’s report in March 2013 accusing him and Councilmember Desley Brooks of  violating non-interference laws contained in the City Charter. A standoff with the City Council over the possible censure of Brooks featured racial innuendo and hyperbole by Reid, as Brooks escaped official condemnation. Later, Reed raised the possibility of running for mayor, but later backed down. Then, last April, the San Francisco Chronicle reported F.B.I. agents reached out to Reid and fellow Councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney while posing as rich developers seeking business opportunities in Oakland. No charges against either were reported.

Reid’s departure will continue a rapid and unprecedented changing of the guard in Oakland. Following a likely November special election for the seat, six of the eight council seats will be occupied by members with less than one term’s experience. The exodus will leave Brooks–also up for re-election–as its longest tenured member, followed by Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan, who is also rumored to be running for mayor. In addition, Council President Pat Kernighan is not seeking re-election this fall and Councilmember Libby Schaaf is running for mayor.

Possible candidates for Reid’s seat include his daughter, Treva Reid, who works for Assemblymember Nancy Skinner; Oakland businessman and Reid associate, Ken Houston; and Alameda County Board of Education Trustee Marlon McWilson, who represents East Oakland. Former Councilmember Ignacio De La Fuente is also a possibility, as is Pastor Zachary Carey of Oakland’s True Vine Ministries.

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15 replies

  1. If Kaplan ran for Mayor, she would win for sure.


  2. Things are getting a little hot under the collar for old Larry.


  3. That old crook should have left office a long time ago


  4. Desley Brooks should leave also, these old timers become too comfortable while in office, and begin to just look out for themselves


  5. Hit the road…Larry…and don't come back no more, no more, no more!!!


  6. it's about time


  7. Hard to see what Reid has done for Oakland or for his East Oakland constituents in 17 years. Certainly the bullets continue to whizz through the air and unemployment remains a problem. Reid has claimed that he has been much concerned with illegal dumping and liked to help by reporting the trash he saw on the way to his nicely-appointed city hall office.

    Whenever there is a vacancy in city hall, Oakland has an opportunity to bring in someone new who possibly has something good to offer this burdened city. Nancy Nadel was replaced by Lynette; Jean Quan was replaced by Libby–no significant improvements there.

    Sounds like Reid may be replaced by his daughter or some longtime associate.

    Oh well! That's my Oakland.


  8. Larry Reid is soooo tired… so very very tired.
    It would be doing him a favor to allow him to retire from the council. You need only observe the look on his face.
    So very tired.


  9. Give Reid credit for the significant new housing developments near the BART station. While most are oriented to low/mod families, they have made a difference in that area and activities near the Airport along Hegenberger are also doing well. Good economic development and tax revenue. Thanks Larry


  10. 5:04. Thanks Larry? What? ? His accomplishments are very thin considering how long he had been on the council


  11. Larry Reid was soooo corrupt. Oakland deserves better!


  12. By MW:

    I wish most of the high ranking public officials in Alameda County, and not just Larry Reid, would quit for “health” reasons, since most of us ordinary citizens are sick and tired of being ripped off and preyed upon by the crooks, parasites, and pathological liars that comprise the overwhelming majority of our local governing bodies.


  13. Reid is corrupt, but most aren't.



  1. OAKLAND: Larry Reid was hospitalized for a heart procedure

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