STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT | Mary Hayashi’s political future is gone. Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski’s may soon involve a seat in the State Senate. Meanwhile, Peter Kuo’s is just beginning.

Wieckowski won the June primary in the 10th State Senate District Tuesday with 35 percent of the vote. Kuo, the surprising second place winner, took 26.2 percent, followed by Hayashi with just 21 percent.

Reeling from an aggressive assault on her past shoplifting offense, Hayashi’s poor performance in many ways mimicked her ill-fated run for Alameda County supervisor two years ago. Hayashi also finished a distant third in that race.

Hayashi’s downfall is now a blessing for Kuo, who stoked fears in the Asian American community for a return of affirmative action and made it a linchpin of his campaign. Wieckowski will now face Kuo in the November General Election.

Fremont Planning Commissioner Roman Reed finished fourth with 13.8 percent, followed by former Assemblymember Audie Bock who garnered 4.1 percent of the vote.