Oakland is Leaving a Whole Lot of Money on the Table, says Grand Jury Report

OAKLAND | ALCO GRAND JURY | A new Alameda County Grand Jury report is questioning whether the City of Oakland and its police department are receiving all the revenue they’re due from a long-term towing contract. In addition, the report also said the Oakland Fire Department failed to recoup more than $1.4 million in fire inspection fees due to a faulty billing and records system and understaffing.

The annual grand jury report released Monday includes several investigations that focused on the City of Oakland’s inability to conduct proper oversight of fiscal issues. Another investigation also faulted the struggling Oakland Unified School District for shoddy record keeping that inhibits it from conducting timely and accurate audits. The school district has been in state receivership for more than a decade following an emergency $100 million loan in 2003. The grand jury also questioned the negative effects of Oakland’s large number of charter schools on OUSD’s ability to receive adequate state funding for its public school students.

Alameda County grand jurors have routinely slammed Oakland city government for lax oversight in recent years, including harsh criticism of the city’s criminal investigation labs and an inability by the Oakland City Council to police itself regarding non-interference rules…


3 thoughts on “Oakland is Leaving a Whole Lot of Money on the Table, says Grand Jury Report

  1. I would like to add to the above. Management sometimes retaliate to protect their phony bolnea jobs .


  2. I served on the Civil Grand Jury for 2 consecutive years while being employed and under the rules of the state ed. code, I was allowed to this. The result was my employer found a way to make cuts and I had to take a voluntary demotion. But this may have been an act of retaliation because of an investigation of my district in which I work.
    But by the same token, the state ed. code allows for leave with 30 days paid leave from the employer for military reserve (double dipping), while I received nothing other than release time. I was most likely the first person to discover this clause, and I was punished, and made an example of fellow employees. Basically, those being investigated will try and get rid of whistle blowers.
    There is a lot of corruption in our public agencies and the poor working employee who sees it and tries to correct it is the one who suffers the most.


  3. Hey, cool report from the Grand Jury. Just a reminder, folks, to keep voting for the people who are in city hall right now so that they can continue to do the great job they've been doing all along.


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