Haggerty Vows to Deliver Tri Valley Votes for Latest County Transportation Measure

Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty
opening the campaign Tuesday for Measure BB.

ALAMEDA COUNTY | TRANSPORTATION | The loss of Measure B, the Alameda County transportation sales tax measure defeated two years ago by a razor’s edge, was a problematic electoral setback almost immediately after the last ballot was counted in November 2012. Many described the campaign as disorganized and underfunded, yet it still came within 700 votes of crossing the two-thirds threshold. Undaunted, Alameda County is ready to quickly try again later this year.

A press conference Tuesday featuring county Supervisor Keith Carson, Richard Valle, Scott Haggerty; Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan and AC Transit board member Elsa Ortiz, among others, kicked off the Measure BB campaign. The proposed half-cent sales tax increase will generate over $8 billion over the next 30 years, they say, to stabilize and improve highways, roads and modes of transportation in the East Bay.

Most importantly, it could stimulate over $20 billion in economic activity over the next three decades, said Haggerty. “Did I mention it will create 150,000 jobs?” he added after referencing the number on three different occasions. Others also offered the factoid likely to be a major talking point in the fall.

However, inside the numbers from that ill-fated 2012 election, showed ambivalence in the Tri Valley and Fremont area for the countywide sales tax. Incidentally, both are represented on the county-level by Haggerty. Infamously, just a single precinct in the Tri Valley garnered more than the requisite 66.7 percent of the vote for passage.

Haggerty says the measure’s prospects this time around are better. In June, the same set of voters approved Measure A, the renewal of the county’s health care facilities use tax. “Which means the people in the Tri Valley are feeling good about what’s in their pocket books,” said Haggerty. In addition, he says they have learned from their mistakes two years ago, he said. “We did a poor job of running a campaign in the Tri Valley.”

“One of the mistakes we made is we had two highly-paid and good consultants,” said Haggerty of noted consultants Larry Tramutola and John Whitehurst. But, this time around the plan is to consolidate consulting fees and spread more money on other parts of the campaign. “I’m not knocking them. They’re different guys, different strategies. It just didn’t work,” Haggerty added.

Financing outreach and conveying to each city exactly what it stand to gain from the measure, especially in the areas of the county with less density, will be important in the fall. “We’ll have money this time around and we will run a viable campaign in the Tri Valley if I have to pay for it myself,” said Haggerty. “But, I’m not going to be embarrassed in front of my colleagues by having the Tri Valley hammer the program, again.”

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  1. Haggerty couldn't box his way out of a paper bag, and he's going to 'deliver' the Tri-Valley?

    I'd like to sell him the Bay Bridge, at a really good price!


  2. He belongs in jail. Whatever happened to that lawsuit that his ex-chief of staff was bringing on? Hag needs to go.


  3. Heard that!


  4. By MW:

    In regard to the post of 9:27 PM.

    if I recall correctly, allegations that Haggerty was engaged in various criminal activities, and including embezzlement and/or bribery, were “investigated” by the County Counsel's office, and to the best of my recollection the jokers. coverup artists, and pathological liars with law licenses in that totally corrupt office then did their standard, choreographed, scripted, and prearranged “investigation,” and as they almost always do to defend and protect the big boys and the insiders, in which they then, and after of course first going through their “investigation,” declared the allegations about Haggerty to be unfounded.

    More specifically, anytime a lawyer says something, and including in regard to any “investigation” he supposedly engaged in, the lawyer should be required to then state under oath, and with a penalty of twenty years in prison for perjury, that he really believes what he said (and also that any investigations he and/or his associates engaged in were real investigations), and not just the standard lawyers' lies and garbage.

    And if the lawyer still persists in trying to feed us the standard lawyer's lies and garbage, since lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug addiction of any major profession (ask Nadia Lockyer and Joel Young for details), the lawyer should then also be tested for drugs.

    If Chris Gray, in other words Haggerty's former chief of staff, decides to continue his allegations that Haggerty was involved in criminal activities, and such as perhaps including bribery, almost certainly the parasites and fifth columnists with law licenses in the County Counsel's office will devote considerable time, money, and manpower to defending Haggerty, and perhaps also to harassing and attacking any whistleblowers, and even if those scumbags with law licenses in the County Counsel's office are actually convinced that Haggerty is guilty. YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.


  5. I have absolutely no faith in government anymore. It's true that Alameda County will do whatever they can to cover up illegal activity by the elected officials. Including the DA's office. Read an article today that two…that's right TWO former attorneys general for the state of Utah were arrested on corruption charges, also for destruction of evidence. Why can't we here in California prosecute those public officials who are screwing the public over like these folks did?


  6. The Measure is now titled Measure BB. It's at least as bad for the Tri-Valley as the 2012 measure, or worse. It does not guarantee the money for BART will not be spent on other projects instead with wiggle room built in that lets them renege on anything in their “plan”. If this passes, the Tri-Valley will get cheated again. http://www.noonBB.com


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