Oakland Has Another Dog in the Race

Einstein: by all accounts, the Oakland 
mayoral race is destined to be vicious.

OAKLAND | MAYOR | Twenty humans believe they have a shot at unseating Oakland Mayor Jean Quan. Add one canine named Einstein.

The political pooch added his name last week to the still growing mayoral field for November ranked choice voting race. Candidates have until Aug. 9 to finalize their candidacy.

“I like to run. A lot! I mean A LOT! So make no mistake, I can make it all the way to the finish line, and I invite you to join me!” said the Shepherd Mix-American.

In addition to possibly being the only candidate with the ability to lick its own genitals, Einstein’s platform is as ambitious as any of the other candidates in the race that includes Councilmembers Rebecca Kaplan, Libby Schaaf; Port Commissioner Bryan Parker; Attorney Dan Siegel; university professor Joe Tuman and City Auditor Courtney Ruby, among others.

Based upon his political stances, Einstein is no Blue Dog Democrat. If elected, he plans to institute reforms at the Oakland Animal Shelter, push for the prosecution of those behind the killing of Oakland resident Alan Blueford, oppose the Domain Awareness Center and cut the fat at City Hall, says his website. “Another Oakland is possible!” barked Einstein.

There is precedent for a dog running and even winning an election. Three decades ago, the tiny Alameda County hamlet of Sunol elected Bosco. He served nearly 90 years in office (dog years) before his passing.