Who Knew Ellen Corbett Speaks Spanish?

STATE SENATE | State Sen. Ellen Corbett, Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, along with members of the California Latino Legislative Caucus, traveled to Central America this week looking to gauge the growing immigration situation that has led to the detention of nearly 90,000 youths at the U.S. border.

The trip is only  a fact-finding mission, they say, but if the entire Latino delegation is busy for translation, they could use Corbett. This week, her office released two public service announcements to inform Californians about the current drought epidemic. In one, Corbett narrates the 30-second spot in English, of course, while the same commercial also features Corbett en Espanol.

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5 replies

  1. This is sick. Senator Ellen has a long history of fighting against big lobby groups. Check out her campaign contribution list. It does not include developers (aka Swallwell) Big Pharma (Aka Swallwell) big corporations (Aka swallwell). We have the best government money can buy. We lost an effective leader who could have made a difference in DC. We deserve more of the same ” money talks in government” with Swallwell there to represent us!


  2. Ellen Corbett is a very good, caring and thoughtful women. I wish her the best and thank her for all she did to help the less fortunate.


  3. What a damn fool. The Republic has been saved with this old, hagged out jackass removed from public office. She has done huge damage to this County and State. Leave Ellen, leave with your head down in shame.


  4. Hear! Hear!

    I mean escuchiar! Escuchiar!


  5. I too like the work Ellen Corbett has done for the middle and lower class working families, not to mention the work she has done for environmental causes and consumers in standing up to the mega corporations. Our family wishes this great woman the best of luck.


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