Hayward Attracts Eighteen Applicants for Two-Year City Council Seat

Mark Salinas, center, at a Hayward mayoral
forum this spring. He hopes for a return to
the council after just a few weeks.

HAYWARD CITY COUNCIL | Eighteen candidates have applied for the chance to serve out the remaining two years of Barabara Halliday’s Hayward City Council term following her election to mayor last month.

The deadline for applicants was Wednesday. The field of candidates is scheduled to be whittled down by the council on Friday for public interviews starting next Tuesday.

The list of prospective candidates includes former Councilmember Mark Salinas, who is hoping for a return to the council just weeks after leaving the body. In June, Salinas finished second in the mayoral race to Halliday. Therefore, Salinas chose not to run for re-election to his seat this spring and was replaced by Councilmember Sara Lamnin.

Two other council candidate from last June also applied. They include the union-backed Rocky Fernandez, who finished third to the eventual winner, Lamnin and Councilmember Marvin Peixoto, and Planning Commissioner Rodney Loche, who finished fifth.

Two other notable applicants from the Hayward Planning Commission, which, like most cities acts as a training ground for prospective council members, are Elisa Marquez and Vishal Trivedi.

Other candidates include: Cheryl Butler-Adams, Danial da Silva, Shaun English, Valarie Evans, Faryal Habib, Austin Intal, Fahim Khan, Charlie Peters, Theresa Reyes, Manny Sawit, Brian Schott, Thuy Tran, Virginia Williamson.

On Friday, the list of applicants will be winnowed by council members. Candidates who appear on at least three of the seven ballots will advance to the interview stage on July 22. A new member could be appointed that night.

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16 replies

  1. Steve–thoughts on favorites?


  2. I would say the front runners are the names I highlighted from the pack. Not sure if Salinas can get the appt.


  3. We'll take Rodney Loche. He's the best.


  4. Be interesting to see who Zermeno votes for … are votes public?


  5. You can keep Loche & Salinas.


  6. If put to a vote of the people Fernandez would probably win. Salinas will probably run for Mayor again in 4 years and would be a danger to Halliday. If the majority want to make peace with the unions after cutting their pay 17% they will appoint Fernandez. I'm not sure the Council is smart enough to do that.


  7. I like Rocky too and it would be the intelligent thing to do, but we are talking about the Hayward Council. Nuf said.


  8. We'll take Loche.

    No union whores need apply. Dirty unions must be put in their places. It's a tough road, but they'll learn.


  9. “are votes public? ” Absolutely! If there was ever a reason for the Brown Act, this is it.

    Once they are done with the ranking someone may make a motion to appoint the top-ranked person. Of course, someone could make a motion to appoint someone else and they could do that right now if they want. The final vote to appoint a person is really the only thing that matters.


  10. Smart and council are not often used in the same sentence, when we are talking about Hayward. Overly cautious, myopic, ill informed and out of touch with reality are a better description of Hayward city council. Their short sightedness has caused a lot of problems for its workers & citizens. Spending taxpayers money on surveys and projects that never get off the ground, bemoaning budget deficits, blaming others for their own poor choices & overspending is getting tiresome. You can't keep crying about “fiscal responsibility” and spend millions on pipe dreams like the new library at the sametime. Paying out raises to some city employees & management, overtime for some and still claim the City is just about broke. Fire Fran David & Tracy Vessly because they lack math skills and business sense.


  11. Vishal Trivedi sound like an intriguing candidate. Although a planner by education and training unlike the other appointed Planning Commissioners, he might be a compromise possibility. Although sometimes Planners are just that, they are not doers.


  12. Anybody but Salinas!


  13. Zermeno did not support Salinas for consideration. Wonder why?


  14. Council will appoint Elisa Marquez over the men. She's tested, having served several years as planning commissioner and is the most viable candidate to defend her seat in 2 years.


  15. If Salinas gets appointed, will the City spend money on a new parking space sign for him or put up the old one they gave him when he was ousted? Or better yet, they'll spend $10,000 for a survey, consultants and a feasibility report to decide how to best handle the situation-in keeping with the theme of “fiscal stability.” Only in Hayward.


  16. By MW:

    Oakland has over twenty characters running for mayor, San Leandro also has a big crowd running for mayor, and Hayward has at least eighteen characters interested in this seat on the City Council.

    I think the simplest solution, and rather than using a standard traditional ballot, would be if we made up one big phone book that listed the name of every single person in Alameda County, then gave a copy of that phone book to every person who went to a polling place to vote, and said at random just select a few names, and whichever names happen to garner the most votes will be our new public servants.


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