Newark Councilmember Ana Apodaca
will not seek re-election.

NEWARK CITY COUNCIL | Ana Apodaca, a two-term Newark council member who unsuccessfully sought appointment two years ago to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, will not seek re-election to her seat this fall.

Apodaca, 41, announced her decision last Thursday at a Newark City Council meeting, saying recent events led her to “re-assess my life.” Although, she said, community member had urged her to run for third term, she added, “This has not been an easy decision but after careful thought and consideration, I have decided not to seek re-election.”

“Occasionally we have moments that are life changing. Moments that we know at the time we will always remember,” said Apodaca. “Sometimes they are happy moments, sometimes we plan for months or even years for these moments and other times they happen out of nowhere on a Wednesday morning but we always remember them because life is never the same afterwards.

“Over the past two years I have had my share and these moments have caused me to re-assess my life. I have given serious thought to how I prioritize my time with family, my civic responsibilities, my career and other commitments.”

As a former aide to then State Sen. Liz Figueroa, Apodaca was seen as a rising star in Alameda County. However, her was rise was diminished after losing a bid two years ago to become Newark mayor, in addition, to a hard-fought and controversial appointment process for the Board of Supervisors seat left vacated in 2012 by Nadia Lockyer.

Despite a strong showing during interviews, Supervisor Wilma Chan switched support late in the process from Apodaca to Richard Valle, who later received the appointment. However, not without unsubstantiated rumors put forth by Valle alleging during the interview process Apodaca had broken the rules and communicated via text messages with someone inside the supervisor’s chambers. The alleged act, Valle posited, would have given her the questions beforehand. In addition, Apodaca has faced personal grief over the past year with the recent passing of her sister and father.

“I love Newark. It’s the city I was raised in—the best city in the Bay Area,” said Apodaca. “And I have thoroughly enjoyed every single moment serving on the City Council.”