Can you buy gold teef in Livermore?

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | During a meeting last week when some Oakland council members and their counterparts in the business community attempted to shade the citywide ballot measure raising the minimum wage to $12.25 as an assault on “mom-and-pop businesses, Councilmember Larry Reid had an odd take.

Last week, the Oakland City Council’s Community and Economic Development Committee voted to send a choice of two possible ordinance to raise the citywide minimum wage to $13.00 over the next three years. The ordinance, if passed by the full council, is a competing proposal to a ballot measure set for the November ballot to raise the minimum wage to $12.25 starting in March 2015.

Reid, however, does not support the ballot measure and said at the July 22 meeting he wished its backers would have consulted the city beforehand. He also described concern for small business owners in his comments. But, then lamented Oakland does not have the shopping amenities that “junior cities” in Alameda County like Fremont, Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore have.

“If you go out and look and see at what these city have and what we don’t have,” said Reid. “That if you walk up Broadway, what you have is you can pop in and go buy a wig, you can go in and buy a gold tooth. I mean, that’s not how I want my city to be perceived.”