Husband and Wife May Run for Office in San Leandro

SAN LEANDRO  | They are well known to those who follow San Leandro politics and sometimes loathed by some of their outspoken activism. As San Leandro school board member Mike Katz-Lacabe seeks the open District 1 seat on the City Council, his outspoken partner, Margarita Lacabe took out nomination papers in July to run for her husband’s school board seat.

Both face difficult roads to victory if they qualify for the November ballot. Many in San Leandro have long assumed Katz-Lacabe would seek Councilmember Michael Gregory’s termed out seat this year. However, the race could be tougher than expected. Deborah Cox, the co-founder of the San Leandro Education Foundation and Ken Pon, who also has ties to education in the city, represent tough competition. David Anderson, who ran against Gregory in 2010, is also a potential candidate.

Despite serving on the school board for the past eight years, the pony-tailled Katz-Lacabe may be more well-known for his activism in the areas of limiting government infringement of privacy. He has been an staunch opponent of the city’s use of red light cameras and automated license plate readers. In fact, the latter brought him attention of the Wall Street Journal. His criticism of the San Leandro Police Department has also made him and his wife few friends in law enforcement.

Lacabe’s reputation is less sterling and often unwittingly sullies her husband’s own public perception. She has ruffled feathers at the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, where she is an elected member, for her in-your-face opinions. While her husband was serving on the school board, she even created a controversy related to the use of the Christmas song, Silent Night, during a school-sanctioned holiday performance. And, after helping San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy win his election four years ago, she publicly asked him during a City Council meeting, “Why do you lie, Stephen?”

But, it’s not clear whether she will actually run or not. “At this point, it’s not my intention to file to run. But I want to make sure that there is at least one candidate in that race I can get behind,” she wrote on her blog. “So far, I’m not impressed by the other candidates that have puled papers – if for no other reason that they have not reached out to Mike Katz-Lacabe, the incumbent.”

Four other potential candidates took out papers before Lacabe–Latrina Dumas, Chike Udemezue, Mark Schneider and Leo Sheridan, who has already completed the filing process.

Lacabe took out nomination papers on July 18, according to the Alameda County registrar of voters. The deadline the finalize paperwork for the November General Election is Aug. 8.

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  1. No, but I'm related to Wink Martindale…. Wink… Wink!


  2. We are not related to Wink, you and Marga can deal with him. We want to know the truth from Marga and Mike Katz will pay for his wife's lies.


  3. I am related to Marga Lacabe….Liar…Liar…our middle name!


  4. Hey Marga, which year did you graduate from Hastings's Juris Doctor program, some of alumni like to meet you?


  5. By MW:

    Since most lawyers are phonies, in other words, and while they pretend to practice law, however in reality most lawyers do not actually practice law but instead are primarily involved in creating, inventing, weaving, and manufacturing lies, garbage, nonsense,and fraud, therefore should someone who pretends to be a lawyer but is not be referred to as a phony phony.


  6. By MW:

    A few odds and ends:

    1. With her interesting stories, stories that not very many people believe any more, that supposedly she: one, has a J.D. from Hastings Law School; and two, is an international human right lawyer, the reputation of Maggie Katz is going to the dogs.

    2. We should ask Michael Cats and Dogs, in other words the partner of Maggie Katz and Dogs, whether even he really believes the stories of Maggie Katz and Dogs that she is a graduate of Hastings and is also an international human rights lawyer.

    3. Of course adding some Katz and Dogs to Bay area politics some might consider to be an improvement, or at least badly needed diversity, since for many years Bay area politics has been primarily composed not of Katz and Dogs but instead mostly of snakes and greedy grabbing gigs.

    3. Let's ask Maggie K and D for her complete resume, since most law schools, and including Hastings, will not normally accept an applicant for enrollment unless the applicant already has a bachelor's degree. So let's have her provide the dates of her complete academic and work history, and including every college and university she has supposedly attended, the years she attended, how many credit hours she took, completed, and successfully passed at each school, her majors, her degrees, and the names of the professors and deans at each school who can confirm that she was a real, actual, and serious student at the school.

    Agues, or perhaps at least maybe based on the “standards” of Maggie Katz and Dogs, I could “inform” people that I went to and studied at Columbia University, in other words the large and prestigious Ivy League university n NYC, since eons ago when I was teenager, and while visiting a friend who was a student at Columbia, during part of our visit I joined him for an hour sat next to him in a large auditorium while his history professor lectured the large group, Then after the professor's lecture, I went to the office of another one of Columbia's professors and spoke to him for awhile.

    And also eons ago back when I was a teenager I took a plane that dropped me off in Boston, and from Boston I took a bus to my ultimate destination, and which was further north. When I was still in the Boston metropolitan area, and before catching the bus, I could have stopped for five minutes in the lunchrooms of both Harvard and MIT and opened a textbook and read one or two pages, and then later told everyone I had studied at both Harvard and MIT.

    In fact, I am going to put a textbook in the trunk of my car, and then every time I am in the Palo Alto area, and which happens maybe once a year, I will sit on a park bench for about five minutes at Stanford University and read one or two pages. And then in the year 2018, if anyone asks me what I did for the past four years, I am going to tell him I studied at Stanford University.


  7. Seems like there are three sets of insane posts in this thread.
    Two of the authors are serious, though those posts seem no more reasonable than the those of the third author.


  8. If true, Marga Lacabe never graduated from UC Hastings with a law degree…that means she's not only lied on her ballot statement to pretend lawyer, but she also lied on Smartvoters pretend Juris Doctor. Those are serious lies.


  9. You know, San Leandro should get a “Walk of Fame”


  10. Don't go to not familiar sites, beware of low life wannabe hacker Mike Catz and his pretend JD, lawyer wife.


  11. By MW:

    Even if Maggie Katz and Dogs lied on her ballot statement in regard to her occupation and/or so called “educational” background, it is no big deal if she is one of those phonies and parasites who pretend to be liberals and make up the overwhelming majority of the leadership of the Democratic Party, in other words jokers such as and similar to Dianne Feinstein, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Mary Hayashi, Bill and Nadia Lockyer, and Willie Brown, and so forth. (NOTE: In fact Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown infamy, was one of those neat, cool, and with it Bay area phonies and parasites that pretended to be a liberal, had close ties with the DP establishment, and in fact was even extremely close with Willie Brown and SF mayor George Moscone, etc.)

    In other words as long as she pretends to be and goes through the motions of being a great liberal and wonderful humanitarian, then we should automatically think of her as a wonderful person and a person of great honesty and total integrity even if she is a pathological liar and total phony, since “liberals,” and especially in the Bay area, are supposed to be allowed to do and pull whatever they want to do.


  12. By MW:

    I do not go to SF very often, and in fact usually less than once a year. And when I do, it is usually to do such things as walk around tourist areas such as Pier 39, drive around the beach areas, and once in awhile to see the Blue Angels.

    However next time I go to SF, and in “honor” of Maggie Katz and Dogs, I am going to go to the area that Hastings Law School has its buildings. I will take a law school textbook with me, and then sit down for about five minutes in one of Hastings' buildings, perhaps in a cafeteria, or hallway, a stairwell, or maybe even in a janitors broom closet, and then read and study my textbook.

    And then I am going to award myself a J.D., and which will stand for (J.) ust a (D.) anged five minutes studying the law at Hastings.


  13. échange de la dérangé


  14. Marga whatever.
    Now we know Marga Lacabe never graduated from UC Hastings with a law degree. she lied on her ballot statement to pretend lawyer and lied a J.D. title on Smartvoter. Mike Katz campaigned her lies and still covering her lies.


  15. I don't know the truth about the various claims mentioned here.
    All I can tell you is that there are two sick humans posting them. Two people with so little in their lives that they spend their waking hours with such drivel.


  16. We don't know the truth about the various claims Marga attacked upon many people. All we can tell you is that Marga is a bully, a double standard with so little in her live that she spend her waking hours with such drivel.


  17. Pauline Cutter took $4900 from Oakland Marijuana distributer Sara Ubelhart, the new owner of Zocalo coffee shop in San Leandro. Tim Holmes was former owner of Zocalo also Cassidy's 2010 campaign manager.

    Sara Ubelhart and Dan Grace, who own Dark Heart Nursery which grows cannabis in Oakland recently took over San Leandro Zocalo coffee house with Mayor Cassidy pressured and pushed landlord to continue lease.

    Zocalo new owner Sara Ubelhart host many campaign functions for Pauline Cutter and other candidates support Marijuana.

    Cutter's campaign report on official site stated Sara Ubelhart gave her $2450 in Cash $2450 provide space
    and refreshment.

    Here Contra Costa Times article, read for yourself:


  18. Just read in the San Leandro Times that Souza has taken $1000 from California Waste Solutions director Andy Duong who threw a fundraiser for her.

    For those who don't know the Duong family are the ones who run CWS and are friends of San Leandro Vice Mayor Benny Lee who appeared before the Oakland City Council, introduced himself as our Vice Mayor, and told them to give their garbage contract to CWS even though it would cost San Leandro millions of dollars in transfer and permit fees and cost San Leandro hundreds of jobs.

    Shame on our Councilman Lee and shame on Councilwomen Souza for having them throw a fundraiser for her and take their money. This San Leandro voter will never vote for either of them again and I'm sure there are many others who feel the same way in our city. No Benny Lee puppet for Mayor.

    Proud to be voting for Cutter our next San Leandro Mayor for sure! Can't take anymore of Lee and Souza mistakes that take millions from San Leandro's general fund and lose hunded's of San Leandro jobs.


  19. Mike Katz and Marga's disturbing opinions and telling San Leandro it's ok men having sex in the bathroom at Marina park. Mike advocates that nothing wrong with adult having sex in a park bathroom that children use.


  20. To the person of 75% posts on this string. You are definitely insane and ruining this blog for the rest of us. When you do something like you have just finished, people won't take anything you have to say seriously. The messages you send have no meaning to us readers because everyone thinks you're crazy. You need to seek psychiatric help.


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