A’s Moving Forward with Designs for Potential Oakland Ballpark

Team photo: Alameda County and Oakland
official at a press conferences along
with Athletics co-owner Lew Wolff.

COLISEUM AUTHORITY | Oakland A’s co-owner Lew Wolff said team officials met last Monday with an architect regarding a potential ballpark at the current Coliseum site.

His comments came following a vote Wednesday morning by the Coliseum Joint Powers Authority (JPA) to finalize a new lease agreement to keep the A’s in Oakland for, at least, the next three years.

Wolff struck a conciliatory tone during a press conference Wednesday and said the team is serious about finding a suitable site for a new ballpark in Oakland. Wolff also voiced a willingness to work with the Oakland Raiders for a stadium of their own on the same property.

“We’re on a winning streak with both the JPA and in Major League Baseball and want to continue both,” said Wolff. Wolff, however, also suggested other sites for a new baseball park are still play. As part of our arrangement here, we said, we’re going to make a serious effort to look at the feasibility of doing that as well as any other site.”….


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