STATE LEGISLATURE | Skilled nursing facilities in the state must fill out multiple forms before offering some types of treatment even though the facility is already authorized by the state to perform the service, says a bill signed into law Monday by Hayward Assemblymember Bill Quirk.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed Quirk’s AB 1974 which streamlines the duplicate and time-consuming step for care givers. Quirk’s legislation, according to an Assembly floor analysis of the bill earlier this month, states, “Medicare certified nursing facilities will not be required to obtain duplicative approval by state licensing to provide inpatient therapy services already required under their certification.”

Brown also signed legislation (AB 2137) offered by Quirk on Monday requiring the state Public Utilities Commission to include on its website a link to the Energy Upgrade California homepage. The program offers tips for saving and conserving natural resources throughout the state.

A third bill, signed by Brown Monday with ties to the East Bay, requires community college students under protective order from another student to seek reinstatement from the college before re-enrolling. The bill, SB 1400, authored by Berkeley State Sen. Loni Hancock revises the rules for reinstatement. Previously, a student under protective order could re-enroll following its expiration no matter the status of the complaint.