Swalwell dresses up as a CIA agent?

Rep. Eric Swalwell last week in the Middle East. PHOTO/Twitter @RepSwalwell

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Rep. Eric Swalwell has recently sought a middle ground between being Tel Aviv’s man in the East Bay and showing a modicum of compassion for Palestinians killed during the conflict in Gaza.

Rep. Eric Swalwell and Israel Prime Minister
Benyamin Netanyahu last week.
PHOTO/Twitter @RepSwalwell

In fact, a pattern has emerged. First, Swalwell describes strong support for Israel and then waits a day or two to level the balance sheet with a perfunctory few words for Gaza. Of course, the two acts never come close to equal and some of his constituents sense the inequity. That’s why dozens made the Israeli-Gaza conflict nearly the sole topic of his most recent town hall this month in San Lorenzo.

Swalwell has always been known as someone who craves attracting national attention to himself, so his glee in being able to tweet a photo of himself Thursday with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu (to the right) was not surprising. But, before the response from pro-Gaza activists became too shrill, the expected other shoe dropped.

On Friday, Swalwell tweeted a photo of himself (above) hilariously looking like a CIA agent from central casting. Don’t worry, Swalwell is in Gaza to sort it all out. That, or he’s looking to buy a pair of shoes at the local bazaar.

Meanwhile, Swalwell’s trip to Middle East continued today. He chatted with Egypt’s president as militants beheaded another American journalist. Unfortunately, Swalwell’s track record when it comes to the vexing problems of our times is unproven, at best. He and Sully Sullenberger still haven’t found that Malaysian Airlines plane in the Indian Ocean.