San Leandro City Council to Discuss Vice Mayor’s Actions in Oakland

SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL | Simmering concern over San Leandro Vice Mayor Benny Lee’s actions over the controversial Oakland garbage contract could boil over at its next City Council meeting in two weeks.

San Leandro Stephen Cassidy scheduled an agenda item Tuesday night to discus the “roles and responsibilities of council members when speaking in front of other elected bodies” at the Sept. 15 meeting. Cassidy said other council members also voiced concern to him over Lee’s appearance at the July 30 Oakland City Council.

During the meeting, Lee spoke during public comment on behalf of the Oakland-based garbage firm California Waste Solutions (CWS)  which sought and received the city’s lucrative waste contract. Lee identified himself as vice mayor, but apparently did not know awarding the contract to CWS would mean an annual loss of around $500,000 to San Leandro’s general fund.

The agenda item will likely involved discussion of the council’s handbook and an opportunity for others to “share [their] views,” said Cassidy.

Councilmembers Jim Prola, Pauline Cutter and Michael Gregory supported Cassidy’s request.