Lena Tam

ALAMEDA COUNTY | DEMOCRATS | BART Board of Director Robert Raburn often eschews driving automobiles for public transportation and his bicycle. But, when it comes to endorsing his re-election to the board following the divisive BART strike of last year, Alameda County Democrats told him Saturday to take a hike, instead.

In the most notable endorsement handed out Saturday by the local Democratic Party, it chose to back the candidacy of Alameda Councilmember Lena Tam over Raburn, whose support for BART management’s strong stance against workers during last year’s contentious strike deeply angered progressives and labor leaders. Tam is termed out of office in Alameda and her reputation with labor is strong.

In Oakland, the Alameda Democratic Party made no recommendation for mayor, nor did they support a candidate in Councilmember Desley Brooks’ race in District 6. Peralta Community College Trustee Abel Guillen won the endorsement in District 2, as did Anne Campbell Washington in District 6. The party also supports school board candidates Aimee Eng, Karl Debro and Shanthi Gonzales, along with Brenda Roberts for city auditor.

In San Leandro, Councilmember Pauline Cutter is the Alameda County Democratic Party’s choice for mayor as is, Corina Lopez in the District 5 City Council race and newcomer Victor Aguilar in District 3. The party made no recommendation in District 1.

Labor’s strength in Alameda was also evident with the endorsement of Mayor Marie Gilmore for re-election, in addition to Councilmember Stewart Chen and Jim Oddie for the City Council. All three, along with Tam, are strongly supported by the Island’s powerful firefighters’ union.

Of the 30 local referendums discussed by party leaders, it voted to support 28, including Berkeley’s Measure D (sugary drink tax), Oakland’s Measure Z (reauthorization of its public safety parcel tax); Measure FF (minimum wage wage increase to $12.25/hour) and Alameda County’s transportation tax, Measure BB.

Below is the full list of endorsements approved Saturday by the Alameda County Democratic Party:
Alameda County Superintendent of Schools – Karen Monroe
Alameda Mayor – Hon. Marie L. Gilmore
Alameda Councilmember – Hon. Stewart Chen, Jim Oddie
Berkeley Auditor – Hon. Ann-Marie Hogan
Berkeley Councilmember – District 4, Hon. Jesse Arreguin; District 8, Lori Droste
Berkeley Rent Stab. Bd. Comm. – James Chang, Paola Laverde-Levine
Dublin Mayor – Kasie Hildenbrand
Dublin Councilmember – Hon. Don Biddle, Hon. Abe Gupta
Emeryville Councilmember – Scott Donahue, Dianne Martinez
Fremont Councilmember – Hon. Raj Salwan, David Bonaccorsi
Livermore Mayor – Hon. John Marchand
Newark Mayor – Hon. Alan Nagy
Newark Councilmember – Mike Bucci, Francisco Preciado
Oakland Auditor – Brenda Roberts
Oakland Councilmember – District 2, Hon. Abel Guillen; District 4, Hon. Anne Campbell Washington
Pleasanton Councilmember – Olivia Sanwong
San Leandro Mayor – Hon. Pauline Russo Cutter
San Leandro Councilmember – District 3, Victor Aguilar; District 5, Hon. Corina Lopez
Union City Councilmember – Hon. Emily Duncan, Hon. Pat D. Gacoscos, Kashmir Singh Shahi
Chabot-Las Positas CCD Trustee – Area 2, Hon. Isobel F. Dvorsky
Ohlone CCD Trustee – Area 1, Hon. Vivien Larsen; Area 2, Janet Giovannini-Hill; Area 2 (short
term), Hon. Ishan Shah
Peralta CCD Trustee – Area 3, Hon. Linda L. Handy; Area 5, Hon. William Riley
Alameda USD Director – Hon. Michael McMahon, Solana HenneberryBerkeley USD Director – Hon. Joshua Daniels, Hon. Karen Hemphill, Hon. Julie Sinai
Castro Valley USD Director – Hon. Janice Friesen, Hon. Gary Howard
Dublin USD Director – Hon. Megan Rouse
Emery USD Director – Hon. John Affeldt, Hon. Miguel Dwin, Hon. Christian Patz
Fremont USD Director – Dax Choksi, Moina Shaiq
Hayward USD Director – Hon. Lisa G. Brunner, Hon. William L. McGee
New Haven USD Director – Hon. Sarabjit Kaur Cheema, Lance Nishihira
Newark USD Director – Hon. Nancy Thomas, Christopher Wecks
Oakland USD Director – District 2, Aimee Eng; District. 4, Karl Debro; District 6, Shanthi
Pleasanton USD Director – Hon. Jeff Bowser, Hon. Joan Laursen
San Leandro USD Director – District 2, Lance James; District 4 – Leo Sheridan; At-Large (short
term), Evelyn Gonzalez
San Lorenzo USD Director – Janet Zamudio, Steven Kirk
A.C. Transit District Director – Ward 3, Hon. Elsa Ortiz; Ward 4, Hon. Mark Williams; Ward 5,
Kewal Singh
Alameda County Water District Director – Hon. Paul Sethy
BART Director – District 4, Hon. Lena Tam
Castro Valley San District Director – John Maher
City of Alameda Healthcare District Director – Hon. Tracy Jensen, Jim Meyers
East Bay MUD Director – Ward 3, Marguerite Young; Ward 4, Hon. Andy Katz
East Bay Reg. Park District Director – Ward 3, Hon. Dennis Waespi; Ward 5, Hon. Ayn
Hayward Area Recreation & Park District Director – Hon. Paul Hodges, Jr.
Oro Loma Sanitary District Director – Shelia Young

Measure I Alameda USD School Renovation & Construction Bond YES
Measure LL Albany USD Temporary Parcel Tax for Education YES
Measure K Emery USD Education Parcel Tax Renewal YES
Measure L Hayward USD School Modernization & Renovation Bond YES
Measure M New Haven USD School Facilities Bond YES
Measure N Oakland USD Temporary Parcel Tax for Education YES
Measure BB Alameda County Transportation Sales Tax YES
Measure D City of Berkeley Sugary Drinks Tax YES
Measure F City of Berkeley Community Parks Tax Amendment YES
Measure O City of Berkeley Conform City Charter to Elections Code YES
Measure P City of Berkeley Constitution Amendment Advisory Measure YES
Measure Q City of Berkeley Part-Time Work Advisory Measure YES
Measure R City of Berkeley Downtown Plan Amendments NO
Measure S City of Berkeley City Council District Boundaries YES
Measure T City of Dublin Doolan Canyon Annexation NO
Measure U City of Emeryville Adopt City Charter YES
Measure V City of Emeryville Real Property Transfer Tax YES
Measure W City of Livermore Restrict Mayor & Council Compensation YES
Measure X City of Livermore Restrict Mayor & Council Health Benefits YES
Measure Y City of Newark Extend & Reduce Rate of Utility Users Tax YES
Measure Z City of Oakland Extend Public Safety Parking & Parcel Tax YES
Measure CC City of Oakland Public Ethics Comm. Charter Amendment YES
Measure DD City of Oakland Redistricting Comm. Charter Amendment YES
Measure EE City of Oakland Retirement System Charter Amendment YES
Measure FF City of Oakland Establish Minimum Wage YES
Measure GG City of Piedmont Election Date Charter Amendment YES
Measure HH City of San Leandro Extend Local Services Sales Tax YES
Measure II City of San Leandro Vice Mayor Election Charter Amendment YES
Measure JJ City of Union City Extend Essential Services Sales Tax YES
Measure KK City of Union City Hillside & General Plan Amendments YES