Batman villain Bane and Oakland mayoral
candidate Peter Liu.

OAKLAND | MAYOR | At a education-themed forum last spring at Laney College, Oakland mayoral candidate Peter Liu, an Iraq War veteran and insurance broker, said a video game he created would solve all of Oakland’s problems. Every question posed to him involved a reference to the game. Assuredly, a nervous murmur could be heard in the auditorium.

Liu’s platform, posted online, also offered a detailed plan for lowering crime in the city. Give everyone a gun, blanket the city with video cameras and allow anyone with an Internet connection to view the video feeds within the safety of their home. Suffice to say, Liu has not be seen at forums lately. Nevertheless, in an answer to his plans work in the future with the City Council provided by the candidate to, a website created by Oakland developer Phil Tagami, Liu sounded more like Bane, the villain from The Dark Night Rises than a person willing to collaborate.

Liu said he will be no friend to the “corrupted and incompetent” City Council. “I am there to instill fear in the council, with watchful eyes like a cat watching blind mice play. When I pierce their deception, corruption, and/or bribery that is when I pounce. They’ll know me as Overseer Liu. To achieve my goals, if any councilmember obstructs me in any way that is unreasonable, I’ll intellectually bitch slap them until they go home crying. Even a grown man will have thousand tears drip like piss. I’ll video tape it in HD with my brand new cell phone holding it ten inches from their forehead then post it on YouTube.”