18th Assembly District candidate Jaime Patino says the local media is doing the public a disservice by ignoring his race against Assemblymember Bill Quirk.

ASSEMBLY | 20TH DISTRICT | Union city resident Jaime Patino, a Republican, is a long-shot to unseat first-term Democratic Assemblymember Bill Quirk in November. But, that’s not what’s bothering Patino the most. It’s that he can’t get any media attention for his race.

In addition to the media, Patino has continually been rebuffed by the non-partisan League of Women Voters in Hayward, who said they would not organize a candidates forum for the race in the heart of the district. The Eden Area League of Women Voters also passed on hosting a forum during the primary. Quirk and Patino participated in a forum last April by the Fremont chapter of the group and another last month.

Meanwhile, when Patino, a moderate Republican who favors same-sex marriage, asked the Bay Area News Group for an endorsement meeting, its editors said, no thanks. He then offered the paper a Op-Ed piece, but it, too, declined, said Patino, since he’s a candidate for office this fall. Below is the article:

I am very disappointed that the Bay Area News Group has declined to do an endorsement interview for Assembly District 20 (North Fremont, Union City, Hayward, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Cherryland, Ashland and Fairview). Not to do so is nothing less than journalistic malpractice. It is not your job to decide which races are competitive or not. It is up to the voters. There are too many issues that need to be discussed and people need to hear where we stand on those issues. 

Our schools are in crisis and jobs are leaving the state. The Vergara case is the biggest civil rights case in the last 25 years and our kids are not getting the education they need to succeed in this economy. Yet you do not bother to ask where we stand on education reform. As parents, we expect more from you. As voters, we look to you in order to make the most informed decision we can when voting. 

Companies like Tesla, Chevron and Toyota are moving jobs out of state because this state so hostile to business. Real Tort and Tax Reform and a change in our burdensome Permit Process is needed to re-ignite the economic engine that is California. We need to talk about issues people care about. We need to make sure that any person that wants a job can find one. We also need to help people reach their potential so that they can be productive citizens and raise their children the best way they can. 

Be a champion of Democracy and let people hear where we stand. Voters need to know about all election races; especially at the state level. What happens in Sacramento effects them at home. All we are asking for is to be heard.

Last May, Joel VanLandingham, a congressional candidate in the South Bay’s 17th District also blasted the newspaper for skipping over lesser-known candidates. However, in that case, the paper interviewed Rep. Mike Honda and Ro Khanna and another Republican candidate, but not VanLandingham. In Patino’s case, the entire has been ignored by BANG.

With nowhere to get his message out, Patino is now seeking groups willing to organize a candidate’s forum. But, with less than a month before Election Day, and vote-by-mail ballots already in mailboxes, time is running out.