Just a minor correction needed. The League of Women Voters’ site confused Chris Pareja with Oakland mayoral candidate Jason “Shake” Anderson. The mistake has since been corrected.

ELECTION 2014 | Maybe Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski looks a little like the apple-chewing Saturday Night Live character, Mister Peepers, but how do you confuse a Mexican-Filipino American right-winger from Livermore and a former Occupy Oakland protester who is black?

Pareja, pictured with a mic, has run for Congress
twice. This fall, he’s up for a seat on the Livermore
City Council. PHOTO/Steven Tavares

Livermore City Council candidate Chris Pareja laughed out loud recently when he logged on to smartvoter.org, the League of Women Voters-sponsored web site, to find a photo of Oakland mayoral candidate Jason “Shake” Anderson under his name.

Pareja, a former congressional candidate who garnered 22 percent of the primary vote in 2012, joked on Facebook, “Evidently, someone at the League of Women Voters drew a mustache on my candidate profile picture.”

The role reversal would not be advantageous for either candidate. Anderson is a far-left community organizer who would certainly cause unease in the moderate to right-leaning Tri Valley. Meanwhile, Pareja’s sunny, but Tea Party-infused rhetoric, would even make staid voters in the Oakland Hills blush with embarrassment.

Last week, the League of Women Voters fixed the error. And while Anderson is a decided underdog in Oakland, Pareja has a good shot at winning a seat on the Livermore City Council, which comes with a cork screw engraved with his name and a pat on the head from local boy, Rep. Eric Swalwell.