Is Joel Young Running Scared?

AC TRANSIT | AT-LARGE SEAT | Since 2011, AC Transit Board Director At-Large Joel Young has racked up a list of notable misdeeds unmatched in East Bay politics. Two years after being appointed to the seat, he began what was then believed to be a promising run for the state Assembly. But one morning in March 2011, Young’s girlfriend arrived at his apartment to find him in bed with another woman. The resulting argument led to allegations by the girlfriend that Young struck her in the face. Young denied wrongdoing and an Alameda County Superior Court judge dismissed a restraining order request by Young’s ex, but not before stating that he didn’t believe Young’s story.

Then, a little more than a year later, during his run for the Assembly, Young spit in the eye of Jason Overman, who is Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan’s current mayoral campaign manager (Young had been appointed to replace Kaplan on the AC Transit board). Young lost the Assembly race and returned to the board, but last year, another damaging act of alleged impropriety led his colleagues to censure him for improperly using his position to enrich himself at the public’s expense.

Yet, the totality of Young’s notorious behavior did nothing to dissuade the leaders of the powerful Alameda Labor Council from clearing the field for Young and nearly giving him their endorsement this summer before members of the Service Employees Union International (SEIU) Local 1021, another group that has contempt for Young, intervened to block the endorsement…


10 thoughts on “Is Joel Young Running Scared?

  1. By MW:

    Concerning the comment of 3:08PM:

    The poster might be correct. In other words in lower profile races the voters often merely rubberstamp the incumbent or the name of the best known person, and who is usually the incumbent, ,and rather than putting much thought into deciding who to vote for.


  2. By MW:

    In regard to the post of 4:22PM.

    While I could give a lot of reasons why I consider it to be relevant that Joel Young, and who is a lawyer (for instance if rather than having “proved” his “intelligence,” “competence,” and “respectability” by having a law license and working as a practicing lawyer, instead he was “only” a janitor or perhaps worked as a cashier at McDonalds for minimum wage, most likely he would have never come even slightly close to being elected to any high public office), has been approved and certified by the totally corrupt California State Bar, however to give just one reason why I consider it to be relevant the real and actual “standards of the totally corrupt CSB, before the CSB agrees to grant any applicant a law license, it first goes through the choreographed charade of pretending to do a deep and thorough background check, a process that takes about six months.

    The CSB's supposed reason for taking approx six months to do a background check before agreeing to grant any applicant a law license is supposedly that it wants to ensure that no one is granted a law license who does not have the very highest standards of ethics and honesty.

    However in actuality the CSB has very often granted law licenses to some of the very most extreme sleazeballs, scumbags, pathological liars, and crooks – and including often even to convicted felons (and in some instances even people with past convictions for murder) – and the CSB's six months long process so as to do a “deep” and “thorough” background check is actually nothing more than part of its choreographed charades of pretending that it is strongly committed to upholding high standards for lawyers.

    People should keep the above in mind when doing such things as: one, analyzing the merits of Joel Young; or two, while at a meeting of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and a member of the County Counsel's Office then makes a presentation and takes the position that since she is lawyer, and since lawyers are so extremely “intelligent,” “logical,” and “learned in the law,” and since she “analyzed” the subject from a lawyer's perspective, therefore we ordinary members of the general public should drop our objections to her lies, garbage, and nonsense and bow to her “superior” wisdom.

    In fact the way it normally works is that the Board of Supervisors or a County department, and such as for instance the Public Works Agency, decides what it wants, so then the lawyers in the County Counsel's invent any necessary lies, and also cover up any uncomfortable real truths and facts, so as to “prove” that the County's position is “proper,” “legal,” and “sensible.”

    However in reality the lawyers in the County Counsel's do not even slightly do the real and impartial analysis they pretend to, but instead merely come up with a lot of choreographed lies, garbage, and nonsense to rationalize and “justify” already prearranged decisions. In other words, and just like a high percentage of lawyers, they are nothing more than highly paid fixers and professional pathological liars.

    However I will give lawyers credit for a few things. For instance, the legal profession is head and shoulders “above” all other major professions in the percentage of its members who are alcoholics and/or drug addicts. And it is also head and shoulders “above” all other major professions in the percentage of its members who are professional pathological liars, parasites, scumbags, scam artists, weasels, and blood sucking leeches.


  3. By MW:

    Frankly, I don't even pretend to see any basis for the East Bay Citizen and/or the East Bay Express to make insulting and derogatory remarks about Joel Young.

    More specifically, Joel Young, and who is a lawyer is in good standing with the California State Bar, in other words the totally corrupt organization of sleazy backroom fixers that pretends: one, to regulate California's lawyers; and two, that its supposed main reason for being is to protect the general public from lawyers who are dishonest, corrupt, sleazy, or incompetent.

    (NOTE: In fact, and as example of the CSB's real and actual “standards,” Nadia “The Drug Addict, Pathological Liar, and Extreme Mental Retard” Lockyer is still in good standing with the totally corrupt CSB.)

    So therefore if Joel Young is in good standing with the totally corrupt CSB, that is more than good enough for me, and in fact as far as I am concerned the one and only final word on the subject..


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