AD-18 Candidate Has Been In The Hospital Since Early October; Has No Insurance

David Erlich, a candidate for the 18th Assembly District next week has been in the hospital since Oct. 9 following emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer. PHOTO/Steven Tavares

ASSEMBLY | DISTRICT 18 | Candidate David Erlich is hoping to serve residents in Oakland, Alameda, and San Leandro in the state Assembly, and he’s hoping to get out of the hospital soon. Erlich, a Republican, facing incumbent Democratic Assemblymember Rob Bonta next Tuesday, has been in the hospital since October 9 after undergoing an emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer — a procedure that quickly developed complications.

Shortly after the surgery, Erlich was discharged from San Leandro Hospital, but then returned eight hours later after suffering a bad reaction to the medication given by doctors. Upon his second stint in the hospital, doctors delivered more bad news: His gall bladder needs to be removed.

In the meantime, Erlich is awaiting surgery and will most likely spend Election Night next Tuesday convalescing in the hospital. The fiscally-conservative Assembly candidate also does not have health insurance.

Speaking from his hospital room Friday afternoon, Erlich said health insurance premiums of more than $3,000 a month for him, his wife and daughter, forced him to decline coverage. Erlich, who resides in San Leandro, works as a freelance electrician. He estimates the cost of his care will be hundreds of thousands of dollars. For now he calls himself a “charity case” since Alameda County taxpayers may pick up the tab for his care. Erlich said he fully intends to pay back the county…


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  1. Sad case, but you have to wonder about his saying that coverage for him, his wife and child would have been $3,000 a month. A catastrophic plan for the entire family wouldn't have cost even half that amount. Probably could have been had for $1000 or less for the family.. Again, that is not a good plan, but saves you in such a situation.

    Instead of hundreds of thousands of debt, it would probably have limited it to $12,000 or less.
    He may have even qualified for a subsidy from Covered California and gotten a regular plan of some sort.

    No way you can ever pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars and still raise your child, while living a normal life.

    Just looked up… 2 forty year old adults, with 1 child.
    Income, 70,000… Covered Calif Silver plan
    Cost AFTER subsidy (tax credit) $554 a month…
    A far cry from $3,000 a month.
    About $6,650 for the entire year.


  2. Typical Republican politician–a liar.


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