ELECTION PREVIEW: CA15 and the Best of the Rest in the East Bay

Hugh Bussell and Rep. Eric Swalwell

THE CANDIDATES After upsetting 40-year Congressman Pete Stark in 2012, Rep. Eric Swalwell is seeking re-election for the first time. Last June, Republican Hugh Bussell, meanwhile, may have scored an even bigger upset than Swalwell’s. Absolutely, nobody, including Bussell, himself, believed he would nab the second spot in the General Election over State Sen. Ellen Corbett. What makes the upset so much greater than Swalwell’s is Bussell did it without any money or organization.

PAST RESULTS 2014 June Primary: 1. Eric Swalwell (D) 42,419 (49.1%)  2. Hugh Bussell (R) 22,228 (25.7%) 3. Ellen Corbett (D) 21,798 (25.2%). 2012 General Election: 1. Eric Swalwell (D) 120,388 (52.1%) 2. Pete Stark (D) 110,646 (47.9%) .

CAMPAIGN FINANCE (through Oct. 15): Swalwell $440,320 cash on hand; $1,958,247 raised this cycle. Bussell $4,086 cash on hand; $10,074 raised this cycle.

OUTLOOK The Republicans essentially chalked up this race as major victory by merely knocking out the more progressive Corbett in the primary. In fact, Bussell seems to have surrendered since. Corbett posed the last threat to Swalwell becoming a consistent victor every two years just like the man he beat in 2012.

PREDICTIONS 1. Swalwell 2. Bussell

13TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 1) Barbara Lee 2) Dakin Sundeen

25th ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 1) Kansen Chu 2) Bob Brunton

BART DISTRICT 4 1) Robert Raburn 2) Lena Tam


2 thoughts on “ELECTION PREVIEW: CA15 and the Best of the Rest in the East Bay

  1. By MW:

    As far as Bussell, a Republican, defeating Corbett, that was an early sign of the fact that a lot of members of the general public had finally begun to realize that the Democratic Party, and especially its leadership, and such as for instance such creatures as Obama, Biden, and the Clintons, was not their friend and did not really and truly represent regular people and ordinary working people, but instead actually was a huge and sleazy organized crime ring of phonies, parasites, big windbags, demagogues, charlatans, professional pathological liars, and blood sucking leeches.

    So the DP will most likely get slaughtered in today's elections. However any losses the DP will almost certainly suffer in today's elections most likely will not even be a drop in the bucket compared to the huge losses the DP will most likely suffer in two years in the November 2016 elections.

    In fact decades ago a common expression was: “BE CARFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR, SINCE YOU MIGHT GET IT.” Therefore if I was a newspaper reporter, and tomorrow, and especially right after the November 2016 elections, was able to interview Nanci “BOTOX” Pelousy, and who for e few years now has been calling for voters to “DRAIN THE SWAMP,” I would ask her whether she is happy now that the voters took her advice, and therefore have begun to DRAIN THE SWAMP.


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