CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | Sounding triumphant, Rep. Mike Honda declared victory in the hard-fought and costly race in the 17th Congressional District. Although ballots in both Santa Clara and Alameda Counties remain to be counted, Honda’s roughly four percentage point lead over fellow Democrat Ro Khanna has remained virtually constant since Tuesday night’s election.

Calling the 4,000 vote margin “insurmountable,” Honda thanked supporters Friday morning at his a campaign office in Newark. However, over a year jostling with his well-funded opponent appeared to come to a head as Honda slammed Khanna and the wealthy donors who supported him.

“Together, we sent a message that this election could not be bought by Super PACs and right-wing millionaires and billionaires,” said Honda. “My opponent’s donors wasted more than $5 million, through his campaign and Super PAC, to try to replace my progressive voice with someone who would do their bidding. And although we were outspent 2:1, they were no match for the more than 10,000 people who funded my campaign.”

Today I have a message for those right-wing millionaires and billionaires: You cannot buy grassroots. You could not buy it this year, and you will not be able to buy it next year either. This District, and our democracy, are not for sale.”

Khanna, a former Obama appointee to the U.S. Department of Commerce, received over $4.8 million in fundraising, according to finance reports ending in Oct. 15, from some of the most powerful interests in Silicon Valley. By contrast, even with the power of the incumbency on his side, Honda attracted less than half the amount.

Khanna is expected to concede the race Friday evening at a press conference in Fremont scheduled for 5:45 p.m.

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  1. What's the over/under on how long it is before TechbRo Khannman announces his next candidacy?


  2. Looks like the district is stuck with a ineffective congressman for the next 2 or 4 years.
    Not even Honda supporters ever made the case he was able to get much done in Washington. Only that he was a nice guy that didn't deserve to be replaced until he deems his time is up.
    Throughout the congress we end up with old representatives who are far past their prime.
    The funny part is the “solid support” from the likes of Obama and Pelosi… takes about 10 seconds to switch, once a congressman is taken out. Look at how everyone who supported Stark, 100% endorsed Swalwell this time.
    Honda got re-elected ONLY because he is the incumbent.
    Nothing to do with his competency or ability to get anything done these next two years.


  3. you might not like the way Honda votes, but most of us do


  4. I have no problem with most of Honda's votes. The reality is that Honda and Khanna would have voted the same on over 90% of issues.
    The problem with Honda is that is all he does, pull a lever.
    He is not a leader in congress, not even after 14 years.
    He is a back-bench type of player. Has near zero legislation to his credit. Never has creative ideas about how to help the economic engine of his district.

    Just a nice older gentleman who is filling out his last one or two terms. The reason why he got re-elected despite his less than stellar performance, is because he isn't a cranky old man like Pete Stark was.

    Nice guy, too bad he is in such a important position where energy, leadership, and creativity is needed.
    Such is the power of incumbency. You have to really stink to be kicked out of office. Being mediocre is not enough to make you lose.
    In any other profession, he'd be getting a gold watch, not a new contract.


  5. The problem with Khanna is he was in the pocket of big business, and the voters recognized Honda was a man of the people and more trustworthy.


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