In bid for Raiders, looks like San Antonio sees the writing on the wall

RAIDERS | It’s not like anybody anywhere believes San Antonio is a legitimate option for the Oakland Raiders, but the likelihood the entire story was a ruse received some sunshine Sunday in the San Antonio Express-News.

An NFL consultant told the paper what we already know: the bid is a serious long-shot. However, the city, which Raiders owner Mark Davis has recently visited twice, should keep itself in the running, just in case.

“Now, that doesn’t mean I’d pour lots of resources into it, or raise people’s hopes dramatically, said Marc Ganis. “But I certainly wouldn’t walk away, because you never know what happens in these things. These things can turn in odd ways.”

The article isn’t all pie-in-the-sky. Ganis later offered a more likely scenario for the Raiders

“My best guess is they stay in Oakland or somewhere in the Bay Area,” he said. “Option two is they’re the second team in an L.A. stadium. Option three is relocating to a different market, and if that’s the case, I’d put San Antonio very high on that list, if not first.”

While rumors over a return of the NFL to Los Angeles have percolated recently, the scene in Oakland is also showing signs of promise. A new investor is on board for Coliseum City and Mayor-elect Libby Schaaf’s stewardship of the stadium conversation starting in January has many in the East Bay hopeful the team will stay in Oakland.

3 thoughts on “In bid for Raiders, looks like San Antonio sees the writing on the wall

  1. By MW:

    So the Raiders, and who have lost seventeen of their last eighteen games, also lost their last game by a score of 52-0.

    Furthermore, the only game they have won in those eighteen games was a Thursday night game, and weird things often happen in Thursday night games since the teams are thrown out of their normal one game every seven days cycle, so it's quite possible that Kansas City was not properly set for that one game the Raiders managed to barely pull out a win,

    So if the Raiders don't get straightened out soon, perhaps neither San Antonio nor any other city will have to try very hard to steal the Raiders but instead the Bay area will gladly and willingly surrender them.


  2. By MW:

    If San Antonio decides to steal the Raiders from the Bay area, I wonder whether San Antonio could also be encouraged to do the hijacking by using as large a double-decker bus as possible so that at the same time it could also steal a lot of the Bay area's politicians.

    In fact if San Antonio decides it is interested in stealing a lot of the Bay area's politicians, I would be delighted to generously contribute toward the bus rental fees.


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