New San Leandro council members hail city’s promising future

SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL | Upon receiving the oath of office from former San Leandro Mayor Ellen Corbett, Mayor-elect Pauline Russo Cutter said she is enthusiastic about her new job. “I’m just as excited as I was 17 years ago,” she told a packed City Council chambers Monday night to witness her swearing-in, along with three other new members.

Cutter, who beat two challengers last month, takes over for Stephen Cassidy. However, Cutter and new Councilmembers Deborah Cox, Lee Thomas and Corina Lopez, will not officially take office until New Year’s Day.

In her brief comments, Cutter urged members of the community to “come back and share their ideas” for improving the city many consider an up-and-coming tech hub. “We’re all in this together,” she added. At the conclusion of Cutter’s remarks, one of her mayoral opponents, Dan Dillman, in fact, gave her a standing ovation.

The city’s rosy outlook was mirrored by the new council members, who collectively represent the largest turnover of members in the city’s history. “I’m truly looking forward to the future we have in San Leandro,” said Cox, who defeated three other candidates for the District 1 seat.

Thomas, who replaces termed out Councilmember Diana Souza in District 3, thanked his wife and added, “Let’s make great things happen.”

Meanwhile, Lopez, who won the District 5 seat left open by Cutter’s run for mayor, told supporters she loved them and offered, “We are going to accomplish a lot of great things.”

5 thoughts on “New San Leandro council members hail city’s promising future

  1. Don't forget Ursula Reed, who has not accomplished anything for San Leandro, also supported Diana Souza. Glad she will be out in 2016 due to term limits.


  2. Cutter has been and will continue to be good for San Leandro. Benny Lee is the least liked Council member in the city now.


  3. All four of them are good people and San Leandro definitely is on the right path to make good things happen.


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