Ellen Corbett’s next step is improving education in Hayward

Hayward schools get a boost from the addition
of Ellen Corbett.

HAYWARD | Ellen Corbett’s near future will be with the Hayward Unified School District. The termed out former State Senate majority leader accepted a position last week within the school district’s administration.

The announcement ends speculation as to what would be Corbett’s next career move following her tenure in Sacramento.

Corbett new role as Hayward Unified’s director of institutional advancement will entail advising the district on legislative matters and procuring state grants, along with fundraising, among other duties, she said Monday evening.

“It’s a good fit for me,” said Corbett, whose first day was last Friday.”I believe the most important thing we did in the State Senate was our work in education.”

This is not Corbett’s first foray in education in Hayward. Before she was elected to the State Assembly in the late 1990s, Corbett taught government at Chabot College.

Earlier this month, Corbett ended eight years in the State Senate after unsuccessfully running for the 15th Congressional District seat last June.

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18 replies

  1. I have she is making $180,000!!


  2. By MW:

    Concerning the post of 10:55AM.

    While I have no idea what her salary will be, however regardless I am sure that any money she will be paid by the Hayward School District will be on the understanding that her ability to garner such things as state grant money will be only because of her intelligence, skills, and competence, and have absolutely nothing to do with backscratching and/or her political connections.


  3. What a really, really stupid idea. Any support I had for the district just vanished.


  4. Salary and contract should be/is part of the public record.


  5. Ellen will be a big help to Hayward Unified, and lord knows they need the help. Their test scores are a disgrace and have been for quite awhile. Grant money will certainly help to a degree, but they need to get rid of some of their Board members like Reynoso who has buried the District with his incompetence.


  6. Platinum passed on her.


  7. Yeah, I would say going from 91K to 167 would be a “good fit” for most of us. That's a lot of money paid by a school district that doesn't pay one penny in medical coverage to their employees.


  8. The money she will be able to bring into the District will more than pay her salary. The question is what will the school board do with the extra money. It has been an extremely incompetent Board ever since Reynoso and McGee have been on it.


  9. I agree with your comment about the board issues, 2:05pm. At one point, the behavior of Reynoso and McGee during board meeting was downright embarrassing. Not sure how two grown men could act like that towards each other in a very public forum. It's like they were both 12 years old again.


  10. The ship is getting top heavy and may capsize. Too many new conjured positions in administration and the maintenance work force is being downsized big time. When the ship goes down, no hands on deck will be available.


  11. $167,000+ a year. How much of a benefit package is added for a position like this? Your tax dollars at work -> down the drain and padding high paid wallets an d purses.


  12. I'm sure she will bring in much more that to the District in answer to 2:15, but I share the concerns of Dec. 20th 2:05 and todays 12:19.


  13. I'm pretty sure Ellen can bring in over a million dollars in state and federal grants, but until there are changes in the school board and many more in administration, no one will want to send their kids to Hayward schools unless they have to.


  14. So true 10:18, so true!


  15. I believe that school district employee's salaries are still public information if anyone wants to find out the truth of the matter instead of just guessing and giving opinions.


  16. You can't get the work done at a site when they have more people hired to dictate work that needs to be done than they have people to do the work. They need to reinstate positions in maintenance and operations rather than recreate newer positions and screwing the existing employees who had to take voluntary demotions. Why would an existing employee feel obligated to show a new hire how to do the job they held who receive a hirer pay scale.


  17. SEIU 1021 is still waiting for the CASBO SURVEY RESULTS. So why can the District start conjuring up these new fantasy positions along with their cronies at big fat salaries and not fill positions that are needed that they abolished to skim money and pad pockets for these carpetbaggers?


  18. Too many little dictators, and they won't hire working people to get the jobs done. What a Joke! I want to be in management and collect a fat paycheck so I can go find problems that the district can't fix due to mismanagement and lack of maintenance people.


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