DEMOCRATIC PARTY | East Bay Assembly members fortified their positions of power within the state Democratic Party over the weekend with the election of nearly every member of their respective slates of delegates for the party convention in May.

Seven men and seven women, according to party bylaws, were elected by Democrats in each assembly district on Saturday and Sunday. The roster of delegates, in many ways, will owe their allegiance to the assembly member who placed them on their election-winning slates.

Delegates elected last weekend are eligible to vote at the party’s convention scheduled for May 15-17 in Anaheim and in 2016. Below are the unofficial winners in each East Bay district:

MALES: Ty Alper, Kevin L. Nichols, Brett Badelle, Joesph Knox, Charles Davidson, Alejandro Soto-Vigil, Gregory Lyman.

FEMALES: Wendy Bloom (executive board representative), Jessica Dervin-Ackerman, Rita Xavier, Raquel Donoso, Kathy Chao Rothberg, Jovanka Beckles, Karen Weinstein.

MALES: Ellis Goldberg, Jerome Pandell (executive board representative), Greg Bonato, Brad Tuvey, Don Biddle, Jeff Bowser, Dean Wallace.

FEMALES: Sharon Goldberg, Tanya Ludden, Debbie Look, Joan Laursen, Cheryl Cook-Kallio, Susan Piekarski, Amy Miller.

MALES: Karl Debro, Sean Sullivan, Keith Gibbs, Douglas Jones, Diego Gonzalez, Mike Heneberry, Jeff Del Bono (executive board representative).

FEMALES: Jahaziel Bonilla, Brendalynn Goodall, Pheleta Santos, Lena Tam, Malia Vella, Meriam Reynosa, Elizabeth Ortega, Lynette Gailord.

MALES: Gary Singh,Richard Valle, Jerry Ahuja, Rocky Fernandez (executive board member), Jason McCartney, Mark Williams, Kewal Singh.

FEMAES: Brannin Dorsey, Barbara Aro-Valle, Anu Natarajan, Sarabjit Cheema, Jatinderpal Sahi, Aisha Knowles, Zuhal Bahaduri.