GOP rollback of Obama’s immigration policy is ‘cynical,’ says Barbara Lee

CONGRESS | DISTRICT 13 | House Republicans used an amendment to a bill funding the Department of Homeland Security through the fall to block President Obama’s plan to protect nearly five million undocumented immigrants.

On the House floor Wednesday, Oakland Rep. Barbara Lee called the move by Republicans, both, cynical and anti-immigrant.

“It has nothing to do with our national security and everything to do with tearing down the President’s legal executive action on immigration,” said Lee. “It has been clear to me that whatever this president puts forward, Republicans will oppose.”

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  1. By MW:

    Regardless of Barbara Lee's accusation, I refuse to believe that any of the critters and creatures in Congress, and regardless of whether they are Democrats or Republicans, would engage in anything cynical, possibly disreputable, or lacking in integrity.

    In fact, I am absolutely one hundred percent sure that the reason the people in Congress, and both among the members who are Democrats and also the members who are Republicans, got there is that they are the very best our nation has to offer; in other words, they are the very smartest, the very most competent, the very most honest, and the all around very best people our nation has, and that none of them managed to win elections by the being the sleaziest, smoothest, most sophisticated, and most cynical phonies and professional pathological liars on earth.

    In fact, to learn more about the “quality” of the slithering snakes that infest Congress, read the biographies of the individual members. A fair proportion of the Republicans and the majority of the Democrats are lawyers, or at least law school graduates.

    And aside from the fact that going thru three years of law school turns many of its students into the blindest, narrowest, and stupidest – AND ALSO THE SLEAZIEST AND MOST DISHONEST – scumbags, professional pathological liars, and blood sucking leeches on earth, lawyers, and including the fact that they have much higher rates of alcoholism and drug addiction than any other major profession, are wonderful people.

    For more details on the “wonderfulness” and “integrity” of lawyers, contact the California State bar, in other words the totally corrupt organized crime ring that pretends to “monitor” and “regulate” the scumbags parasites,.and blood sucking leeches that compose the overwhelming majority of California's lawyers.


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  4. By MW:

    The latest rumor concerning Barbara Lee is that she has an understanding with Obama that if there should be an opening for US Ambassador to Cuba, the position will be hers.

    But I remember back a few decades ago when it had become the fashion for at least a few months for crackpot hijackers in the US to get onto airplanes and then order the crew to fly the plane to Cuba.

    However, and even though back then relations between the US and Cuba were at their very tensest, and since the US wanted the plane and the passengers back and Cuba generally did not want the hijackers, and most of whom it could considered to be nothing more than nitwits and crackpots, the US and Cuba would then quietly arrange a return of the airplane and the passengers.

    However if Barbara Lee wants to go to Cuba, we should put her on the largest airplane we can find, also fill it up with other additional Bay area politicians, and each of whom we would buy a one way ticket to Cuba – or if Cuba does not want them, then to the New York City Zoo or Ripley's Believe It Or Not – and then hopefully someone will steal, hijack, and kidnap those politicians, and including Barbara Lee.


  5. Barbara Lee represents her district well and that's why she keeps getting elected in her district. She is very popular in my town in spite of MW's rants. Barbara Lee speaks for the large majority of us! Don't hate MW. Run against her if you even live in the district. 🙂


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