Alameda County Democrats call for Landis to resign; recall may be initiated

Oro Loma Sanitary District Board Director
Laython Landis during public comment at 
meeting Tuesday afternoon.

ORO LOMA SANITARY DISTRICT | The Alameda County Democratic Central Committee called for Oro Loma Sanitary District board member Laython Landis to resign this week following his use of a racial slur during a meeting in December.

The sanitary district, which services customers in San Leandro, San Lorenzo, and unincorporated Alameda County, censured Landis last month and removed him from all of the board’s standing committees for a number of inappropriate acts, including him uttering the phrase, “It’s raining cats and dogs and [n-word] babies.”

Landis, 88, apologized for using the description, but continued to use the remark later during television and radio interviews. Landis, who is white, said Tuesday afternoon that he will not resign and plans on running for re-election in 2016.

His unwillingness to leave the board and the perception that he is not acknowledging the severity of the incident prompted local Democrats to call for his ouster.


4 thoughts on “Alameda County Democrats call for Landis to resign; recall may be initiated

  1. By MW:

    If Laython Landis is extremely senile, but if he still wants to be involved in “serving” the community, in Alameda County there are various boards that pretend to provide government oversight, but which actually are nothing mote than stooges, rubberstamps, and puppets on a string, and whose members are appointed by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

    He could be appointed to one of those boards and then get to feel he is serving, participating, and being useful.

    In fact the way it works with at least some of those boards is that the professional pathological liars, sleazy backroom fixers, and common criminals hiding behind law licenses in the County Counsel's Office decide in advance, and before the board meeting ever takes place, what issues will be allowed to be discussed and what evidence will be allowed to be presented, so that in reality the decision is usually prearranged before the meeting ever takes place, and although sometimes the members of the board who get to “make” the “decision” are not even aware they have been manipulated and played for fools.

    (NOTE: In fact, if a person who is considered likely to state the real truth and the actual facts wants to testify at one of those meetings, then the scumbags and parasites with law degrees in the County Counsel's Office will usually invent some lies and garbage so as to “provide” a “basis” and a “reason” as to why that person should not be permitted to be present allowed at the meeting. In other words, usually the fix is in before the meeting ever takes place.)

    So let's put him on one of those boards, and that way he can get to believe he is a bigshot, participating, and doing something useful.

    Or let's arrange for him to be granted a law license by the California State Bar and then we can hire him as an attorney in the County Counsel's Office, It's hard to imagine that even at his most incoherent and/or completely drunk he could even begin to reach the same levels of extreme mental retardation that Nadia Lockyer regularly did during her tenures: one, as a lawyer in the Alameda County DA's Office; and two, later on the AC Board of Supervisors.


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