Alameda County D.A. Nancy O’Malley and
former Black Panther leader Elaine Brown.

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | Oakland Civil Rights icon Elaine Brown called Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley a racist at a special session of the Oakland City Council last Saturday.

The meeting’s sole agenda item was a lengthy discussion on the strained relationship between law enforcement and the black community.

During a public comment period, Brown, who was the first woman to lead the Black Panther Party in the 1970s, lashed out at O’Malley for her decisions to not prosecute police officers who had killed black men while in the line of duty.

“There’s a person absent from the room and that’s Nancy O’Malley,” Brown told the council. “Nobody—I don’t get why no one wants to talk about this racist Nancy O’Malley?”

Other speakers publicly questioned why O’Malley was not in attendance Saturday afternoon, which was attended by other public officials in the county.

Assistant District Attorney Teresa Drenick said, O’Malley was preparing for a gala in her honor. O’Malley received the Alameda County Citizen of the Year award Saturday.

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But, Brown continued, calling for O’Malley to prosecute BART police officer Anthony Pirone for his role in the the death of Oscar Grant and Oakland police officer Miguel Masso for the killing of Alan Blueford.

Brown also called for the prosecution of the officer who killed Lovelle Mixon, even though the suspect killed four Oakland police officers following a traffic stop in 2009. After a large-scale manhunt, police killed Mixon.

“Whom you would call a killer, but I would assert was murdered by the police because we don’t know anything that happened to Lovelle Mixon, exactly,” said Brown. “It’s a little secret everybody has and nobody wants to talk about.”

O’Malley’s office did not respond to Brown’s comment about racism, but said, “D.A. O’Malley has dedicated her adult life to empowering those who have been voiceless in the justice system. D.A. O’Malley’s tireless work on behalf of crime victims and the citizens of Alameda County speaks for itself. ” said Drenick. “If Ms. Brown would like to know more about the work of the District Attorney and the Office she leads, we would be more than happy to show her.”

Immediately following Brown’s short remarks, former Assemblymember Nancy Skinner spoke next and addressed Brown. “Thank you for your thoughts and for making it real.”