Tim Sbranti looks for round two.

ASSEMBLY | 16TH DISTRICT | Tim Sbranti’s bid to represent the 16th District in the State Assembly fell catastrophically short last November. His loss to Catharine Baker gave Republicans in the East Bay their first taste of power in Sacramento in eight years. However, a rematch is in the cards.

Sbranti, who was the beneficiary of millions of dollars in union-backed independent expenditures, is telling people in the Tri Valley that he is indeed running for the Assembly in 2016.

But, as word is getting out, Republicans are, instead, floating Sbranti’s name for another job. Not in the Assembly, of course, but as executive director of the Coliseum Joint Powers Authority.

The job has been vacant for some time, even though, the Coliseum JPA faces the most trying times in its history as public overseer of of the aging sports complex.

Last fall, the Coliseum JPA appeared set on filling the position with another Tri Valley politico, but past controversies with former Assemblymember Guy Houston moved the board to pass on the hire.

As conservatives tell it, Sbranti is due a safe and lucrative landing spot courtesy of the California Teachers Association. But, Sbranti already has a job, albeit, far less handsomely paid one as a high school teacher in Dublin.

They also note Sbranti’s interest in sports. Even as mayor of Dublin, Sbranti provided color commentating for Tri Valley high school football games on cable TV

But, as one East Bay insider remarked about the Coliseum JPA rumor, Republicans probably want him to believe the JPA gig is better than serving in the state legislature.