Rep. Swalwell did not renew $400 membership in LGBT Caucus

Many Democrats, like Rep. Eric Swalwell, have
left the LGBT Caucus, apparently over the new
$400 annual fee.

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Rep. Eric Swalwell was a member of the LGBT Equality Caucus during his first term in Congress. This time the caucus created to fight for the human rights of LGBT people does not include Swalwell, even though, he has stated support for the cause.

Membership in the caucus dropped precipitously from 114 to just 54 this year, according to Buzzfeed. Some say the new $400 annual membership fee dissuaded some from reupping with the caucus. Most congressional caucuses charge members a fee, which are typically far more taxing on a congressmember’s budget than the amount the LGBT Caucus is asking. The Progressive Caucus, for instance, charges $2,000 a year for membership.

Swalwell has not given a reason for not rejoining the LGBT Caucus, but, last year, his reason for not joining the Congressional Progressive Caucus was also cost. As a low-ranking Democrat, the amount of money budgeted for his office is sparse in comparison to other lawmakers, he said last year. Instead of paying to join the Progressive Caucus, he said, he would rather give his staff a raise.

During the last session of Congress, Swalwell, though, belonged to five other caucuses: Wine Caucus, Anti-Bullying Caucus, Science and Labs Caucus and Internet Caucus, according to his website.

South Bay Reps. Anna Eshoo and Zoe Lofgren also did not renew their membership in the LGBT Caucus.

In the East Bay, Swalwell is alone when it comes to either caucus. Both Reps. Barbara Lee and Mike Honda are members of both groups. However, when it comes to the LGBT Caucus, Lee and Honda aren’t just members, but vice chairs, a position that costs each member $2,100 annually, according to the Washington Blade, a respected LGBT newspaper based in Washington.

Just last week, Honda tweeted to great fanfare and support a photo of his transgender grandchild.

Meanwhile, a source told the paper, the new $400 price tag is just an excuse.

“Members and staff who say their offices cannot afford the annual membership dues are being less than honest with their constituents,” the source said.

“This is a question of priorities, and members of Congress who are declining to rejoin the Equality Caucus over a fraction of a percent of their annual budget are not prioritizing equal rights for the LGBT community. Donors who value true champions of LGBT equality in the House should keep these names in mind when opening their wallets for the 2016 election cycle.”

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  1. By MW:

    Concerning how Eric Swalwell could get the four hundred dollars for dues.

    The Bay area is packed to the gills with members of the politically correct fad of the month club. For instance, we have Alameda County DA Nancy O'Malley who will jump on virtually any bandwagon that is in fashion that minute with the members of the fad of the month club. For example, and after years of all AC agencies and all upper ranking AC officials deliberately ignoring the fact that Yusef Bey was grabbing and kidnapping teenage girls off the street and then openly, blatantly, and flagrantly using them as his unpaid slaves, prisoners, and sex slaves FOR YEARS, since right at this moment now it is in fashion for “liberals” to pretend to be extremely strongly against human trafficking, therefore O'Malley and her big mouth are in high gear pretending to be vehemently against human trafficking.

    And Bill Lockyer is another one of those big “liberal” windbags who pretends to be vehemently against human trafficking, and although in reality behind the scenes he was one of the main protectors and backroom fixers for organized crime kingpin M.L. “Larry The Pathological Liar – Arlington & Switzerland” Lawrence, and who was one of the biggest human traffickers in California history.

    (NOTE: Since Lawrence was an extremely important source of election campaign contributions and under the table bribes, therefore he had no trouble getting a lot of bigshot politicians, and including Lockyer, to go along with his charade that supposedly he was a legitimate businessman.)

    So my suggestion is that if Swalwell cannot come up with the four hundred dollars to be a member of the LGBT Caucus, then four hundred various phonies who pretend to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians, in other words such creatures as O'Malley, Lockyer, Feinstein, and Pelosi, etc, etc,etc, each put up one dollar to make the four hundred dollars.


  2. So glad that we finally have a mainstream Democrat. We love you, Eric! You certainly haven't let us down with good, mainstream moderate to conservative values. Finally someone of ethos representing us!


  3. Steven can't stand that there is such thing as a non far-left democrat, who actually represents the actual values of his district. Keep up the good work Eric, you're not Barbara Lee and that's why we like you.


  4. Swalwell can't cough up $400? I wonder how much Imelda, oops-I mean Eric-spends on shoes. The LGBT folks need to remember his “dis” when he rushes to pose in photos to support them and show that he “cares.” A true political “caca.”


  5. I guess he is still in the closet?


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