Former Rep. Pete Stark in a graphic from 2011.

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Many in East Bay have long expected Pete Stark’s young son will one day follow his father into the world of politics. Some even joke Fish Stark will one day avenge his father’s loss to Rep. Eric Swalwell. That day, if it ever happens, is a long way off.

But, first things first. Stark, who is a student at Yale, opened an exploratory committee recently to run for New Haven Board of Aldermen, according to the Yale Daily News.

If he runs for the seat, which represents about 4,000 New Haven residents, it may be against a Democratic incumbent who recently graduated, according to the paper.

Ironically, Fish Stark, who is set to graduate in 2017, may be taking a cue from his father’s ouster who claimed Pete Stark had become disengaged from his congressional district.

“It’s very important that we have an alder that is present, visible, vocal on campus, that is regularly engaging with group leaders, who is communicating with the student body through newsletters of social media,” Stark told the paper. “And I think there’s an extent to which that role is best filled by someone who is a current student and has those connections on campus.”

UPDATE Stark announced on Facebook Tuesday that he will officially run for the Ward 1 seat on the New Haven Board of Alders.

“I’m running for Ward 1 Alder because I love New Haven, and I love Yale, and I know that these two communities are strongest when we engage meaningfully with one another and work together towards progressive change,” said Stark.