AC Transit GM resigns a day before meeting to discuss his job performance

AC Transit GM David Armijo offered his 
resignation Thursday, effective today.

AC TRANSIT | AC Transit General Manager David Armijo abruptly resigned Thursday after leading the day-to-day operations of the East Bay transit authority for three years.

A special meeting of the AC Transit Board of Directors scheduled for Friday was cancelled soon after Armijo resigned. There was widespread speculation Thursday afternoon that the seven-member board was going to fire Armijo on Friday.

AC Transit Board Director Elsa Ortiz said Friday’s special meeting was intended to discuss Armijo’s annual job evaluation. “We were going to discuss the evaluation and figure out what we wanted to do,” said Ortiz, “and then we found out he submitted his resignation.”

Ortiz declined to comment on the possible reasons for Armijo’s abrupt resignation, but added, “We wish him the best.”


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  1. By MW:

    I am sure it was just a “coincidence” the timing of his resignation, and he could even hire a lawyer to do an “investigation” that would undoubtedly “prove” the timing was just a “coincidence.” And which would be more than good enough for me, since I know a lawyer wouldn't lie.


  2. All those folks on the Board should resign!


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