Swalwell swats away balls for Democrats

Rep. Eric Swalwell is known to play the ball
with aggressiveness.

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Rep. Eric Swalwell hasn’t maintained a clean sheet when it comes to keeping people from sneaking into the San Jose Airport (This goes for Rep. Mike Honda, too).

But, House Democrats hope he can do better as the party’s goalkeeper this week in a charity soccer game in Washington. Democrats will face Republican Tuesday at RFK Stadium, according to Roll Call.

Swalwell has experience keeping balls in front of him. He was once a D-II college goalkeeper and often tells audiences a soccer-related injury pushed him towards politics. Swalwell has played in this charity soccer match before, in addition, to the annual Congressional baseball game in June. The game’s proceeds benefit the U.S. Soccer Foundation.

Swalwell may not belong to the Progressive or LGBT Caucuses, but according to Roll Call, Swalwell is also one of four co-chair of the Congressional Soccer Caucus.

According to the scouting report on Swalwell, he is prone for aggressive play. One story involving Swalwell and soccer has made the rounds since last year. At a charity soccer match held at the Bladium Sports and Fitness Club in Alameda, sponsored by Swalwell and another former soccer player, Assemblymember Rob Bonta, the second-term member of Congress was seen vigorously defending his goal.

When a loose ball squirted near Swalwell’s goal along the end line, he and woman, also playing in the game, sprinted toward the ball. When they met, Swalwell pushed the woman to the ground and played the ball out of danger. The woman was unhurt by the play, but some who witnessed it at the time said they were shocked by Swalwell’s over-aggressiveness, but also how it evoked this scene from Meet the Parents.

One thought on “Swalwell swats away balls for Democrats

  1. By MW:

    Based on the third paragraph of this article, it sounds like Swalwell might believe the reason he is now involved in politics rather than something else, and such as possibly for instance sports, is due to an injury he suffered years ago while playing soccer.

    But what is the real reason that people, or at least some people, go into politics? According to one person I used to sometimes discuss various issues, and including politics, with, “ACTORS WHO AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH LOOKING FOR HOLLYWOOD GO INTO POLITICS.”

    NOTE: He made that comment while he and I were discussing the “prniciples,” “standards” ,and “ethics” of some of the sleazeballs, scumbags, phonies, and parasites that make up the majority of the Bay area's political establishment.


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