Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison and Ronald McDonald

LOCKYERS | Former California state treasurer and wife who hit the headlines over her ‘meth-fueled affair with man she met in rehab’ announce they are expecting a baby (UK Daily Mail) Basically sums up the last five years of this political soap opera

LEGISLATURE | California special interests spent $48.5 million to lobby in first quarter (Sacramento Bee) The water may not be flowing, but the money sure is

CA DROUGHT | Drought ended the Maya empire. Is California next? (The Grist) Is this moment coverage of the California drought Jumps the Shark?

California urban water cuts are matter of ‘self-interest,’ state says (Sacramento Bee) Tough talk toward municipalities when Big Ag is perceived to be running biz as usual

OAKLAND | Oakland council meets without hot-button issues, protesters (San Francisco Chronicle) Also means it was a very, very boring meeting

Oakland man honored at White House (KRON) Sokham Mao ran for the Oakland City Council last year, but never highlighted these accomplishments during the campaign

FREMONT | Affordable housing complex for military vets, homeless breaks ground (Contra Costa Times) Although, Fremonters probably like veterans more than affordable housing

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