Supervisor Nate Miley on Raiders staying in Oakland: ‘I’m not real confident’

Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley says he
believes the NFL is playing cities against each other.

RAIDERS | Alameda County Supervisor Nate told a Southern California radio station Thursday that he is skeptical Oakland can hold on to the Raiders.

“I hope that we can keep the Raiders,” said Miley, “but I’m not real confident.”

Miley told KFBW that exclusive talks with Coliseum City developer Floyd Kephart are continuing, but cast doubt over its efficacy.

When asked by radio host Fred Roggin about the odds of Raiders signing on to Kephart’s proposal, Miley said, “If I was a betting man I probably wouldn’t bet on it.”

Miley reiterated Raiders ownership wants various public subsidies for the stadium project, which he doubts taxpayers in Alameda County will favor. A proposal by Miley for remodeling Coliseum “doesn’t seem to be getting much traction,” he added.

Miley’s bleak comments, in which he termed the entire stadium saga as a “political nightmare,” was followed by an opinion the NFL has leverage over the entire stadium situation. Miley added the NFL will continue to play cities like Oakland, St. Louis, Inglewood and Carson against each other until the league gets the best deal for its franchises.

One thought on “Supervisor Nate Miley on Raiders staying in Oakland: ‘I’m not real confident’

  1. By MW:


    Due to the facts that the A's are extremely unhappy with their present stadium, and strong and definite plans to build them a new one have not materialized, the A's may very well leave Oakland in the next few years,

    Supposedly the Warriors will also in the next few years be leaving Oakland to move to a stadium in the Mission Bay area of San Francisco.

    So if the Raiders also leave, that will mean Oakland, and which presently has three major league sports teams, will not have even one single major league sports team left.

    However since area residents are entitled to have entertainment to see, I therefore hope that at least most of the Bay area's demagogue politicians do not ever desert and move out of Northern California.

    For instance, I myself have not in years gone to see any of the Bay area's major sports teams, and such as for instance the A's, Raiders, Giants, Warriors, and 49ers, etc. And it is also many years since I have bought a ticket to the circus.

    And that is because much higher quality entertainment, and in fact for free, is provided by the clowns that make up Bay area politics.


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