Newspaper racks in front of World’s Faire Donuts in Hayward. Do you see four different newspapers or two?

BERKELEY | Berkeley soda tax: First month’s take, $116,000 (Contra Costa Times) This will surely get the attention of other Bay Area cities

OAKLAND | Oakland’s condo glut become a condo shortage (Oakland Magazine) Former Mayor Jean Quan had a plan for more units, but, well, nevermind.

Gavin Newsom Talks Marijuana Legalization, Youth Prevention in Oakland (East Bay Express) For 21 years and older, kids.

ASSEMBLY | Assembly bill would require hearings on police military gear (Associated Press) Recall, San Leandro almost skirted public hearings for their MediVac

STATE BUDGET | Analyst predicts California revenue will exceed revised budget estimate by $3 billion (Sacramento Bee) Revision to the revision

CA DROUGHT | Drought could spell trouble for California Democrats (Sacramento Bee) If God gives you lemons, you blame Democrats for not giving you water to make lemonade.

LATINOS | 59% of college-educated Latinos have trouble meeting monthly expenses, report says (Los Angeles Times) Early researched showing household wealth for Latino fell 66 percent between 2005-09.