P.M. BRIEFING | 5.22.15

RAIDERS | Why Oakland, Alameda County aren’t clamoring to keep the Raiders (San Francisco Chronicle) Exhibit A for why local officials are actually acting prudently with your tax dollars…so far

How The NFL Is Using Los Angeles As A Bargaining Chip (ThinkProgress) Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf retweeted this article

CA DROUGHT | California farmers strike a deal to cut water use (Associated Press) Nearly 4,000 senior water rights holders alone consume trillions of gallons a year

OAKLAND | Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Institutes Ban On Nighttime Street Protests (East Bay Express) Not a new law, says the mayor, but a reinterpretation

ASSEMBLY | Controversial piece of body camera bill could be deleted (San Diego Union-Tribune) Seems like police union use-of-force is effective in Assembly committee hearings

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY | Bay Area county will end youth solitary confinement per settlement (Reveal) Precipitated by lawsuit involving 14-year-old girl held in solitary for about 100 days

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