Not a big fan of basketball: Alameda County 
Supervisor Keith Carson used the county’s box at 
Oracle Sunday to read his mail during the NBA Finals.

At what would be the Golden State Warriors’ penultimate victory before Tuesday night’s NBA championship clincher, one Alameda County supervisor in attendance at Sunday’s Game 5 at Oracle Arena may have bolstered the perception among some there is a lackadaisical attitude among East Bay elected officials toward keeping its three professional sports teams in town.

Word is that among the 20 or so people sitting in Alameda County’s box at Oracle Arena to watch Sunday night’s NBA Finals game was Supervisor Keith Carson.

While everyone was cheering for the Warriors at one of the most entertaining games of the post-season, Carson, was instead, ruffling through his mail.

Mind you, not email, but snail mail.

Carson perused a thick stack of county-related correspondence that had piled up over the week, said observers, while others enjoyed the Warriors win over Cleveland.

There continues to be perception that Oakland and Alameda County officials are not exactly clamoring to keep the Raiders in Oakland, while slowly moving forward with the Athletics on a new ballpark. Public officials all tend to believe the Warriors moving to San Francisco is far from certain.

Meanwhile, one aspect of the relationship between East Bay officials and their sports teams that has alluded discussion. In addition to Carson reading his mail at the NBA Finals, the reality is there are very few local elected officials who are anywhere near what you might call a sports fan. Could this be where the apparent lack of urgency toward the stadium situation in Oakland emanates? Who knows? Economic factors certainly cloud the issue, but that’s a given in stadium deals all over the country.

However, around here, most of these decision-makers tasked with saving the teams wouldn’t know the difference between Kenny Stabler and a stapler.