Oakland approves new city Department of Race and Equity; funding amount to come

Oakland Councilmember Desley Brooks

Brooks’ proposal ultimately win unanimous approval

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | Councilmember Desley Brooks’ proposed Department of Race and Equity, after months of ups and downs, was given the green light Monday night by the Oakland City Council. Exactly how much is allocated in the forthcoming fiscal year budget starting July 1, however, is not yet known.

“Race is the issue that is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about or address,” Brooks said during the special council meeting. In late January, following a spate of nationally-publicized police brutality incidents, Brooks first proposed the creation of the new department to monitor the city’s policies toward equity for all residents. A second new department will debut in Oakland sometime this year. Mayor Libby Schaaf is proposing a new Department of Transportation.

Despite months of uncertainty among Brooks’ fellow councilmembers about the need for expanding the city’s bureaucracy, Monday’s vote was unanimous. The amendment to the city ordinance was co-sponsored by Councilmembers Rebecca Kaplan Anne Campbell Washington.

Whereas, the mayor’s budget released April 30 allocates just $150,000 toward elements of Brooks’ proposed department, Council President Lynette Gibson McElhaney’s budget proposes $500,000 to fund two full-time equivalent positions for an executive director and analyst. The City Council will decide how much to allocate toward to the new city department before the June 30 deadline for the next fiscal year budget.

Councilmembers Abel Guillen and Noel Gallo, in recent months, both questioned whether the new department would duplicate the city bureaucracy already working on race and equity. Guillen offered an amendment to Brooks’ proposal Monday night asking the city administrator to provide a report on how each city department would collaborate with the new department.

Brooks, however, called the amendment “not friendly” and urged for its defeat. “He is effectively trying to slow down the start of this dept,” said Brooks. Guillen denied the characterization and later withdrew the motion.

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  1. Just a fabulous idea. Fabulous. Will make all the difference in Oakland. All the difference.


  2. By MW:

    According to an article I recently read, supposedly in the past two years exactly one Oakland resident has been shot to death by an Oakland police officer.

    However in that same time frame, in other words two years, somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 to 200 people have been murdered in Oakland, and in the overwhelming majority of those cases it was civilian Oakland blacks murdering other Oakland blacks.

    So let's have some more demagogues, professional pathological liars, mental retards, and phonies and parasites who pretend to be liberals engage in some more riots in which they pretend the system, the police department, and society are all completely racist and totally against them.

    And we can make Desley Brooks our HEAD DEMAGOGUE in charge of organizing and leading marches and protests yelling and screaming racism.


  3. By MW:

    Although most likely at least some members of the City Council, and a lot of the members of the media and general public, considered Desley Brooks' ideas on racism, and extra especially her “cures” and “solutions” for such, to be both extremely stupid and totally ridiculous, however so as to avoid being called racists, instead they chose to be good little robots and puppets on a string, and therefore unanimously go along with and vote her nonsense.

    However what Oakland, and also California, really needs is not a Department of Race and Equity, but instead a department that would not allow anyone in high public office who was a demagogue, charlatan, phony, big windbag, weasel, parasite, drunk, drug addict, blood sucking leech, or professional pathological liar.

    If California had set up such a department a few decades ago, the Bay area and California would have had to made the “huge sacrifice”: of doing without the services of such characters as Desley Brooks, Willie Brown, John Burton, Mary Hayashi, Kamala Harris, Nadia Lockyer, Nate Miley, Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, and Pete Stark, etc.


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