Donald Trump wins informal Alameda County GOP presidential poll

The Donald has support among Alameda County
Republicans, at least, those who go to the fair.

Local GOP is in tune with national polls

ALAMEDA COUNTY | Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is clearly touching a nerve among conservatives all over the country. In Alameda County, the intersection of fair-goers and local conservatives put Trump at the top of their list in an informal presidential poll conducted last weekend by the Alameda County Republican Party.

The poll attracted 634 voters, who registered their preferences at the party’s booth at the Alameda County Fair. Trump easily won the poll with 128 votes, or 20.2 percent. He was followed by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at 15.8 percent and Ben Carson with 13.2 percent. The tally was posted on the Alameda County Republican Party’s Facebook page.

The outcome, although, highly unscientific, is similar to many national polls that place Trump, Carson, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Jeb Bush at the top of the list. It also highlights a preference for the far edge of the political spectrum that is quite common for either party’s adherents during the early primary season.

Below is the final tally:
Donald Trump……….128 20.2%
Ted Cruz…………..100 15.8%
Ben Carson………… 84 13.2%
Scott Walker………. 70 11.0%
Jeb Bush………….. 46  7.3%
Marco Rubio……….. 46  7.3%
Carly Fiorina……… 37  5.8%
Rand Paul…………. 30  4.7%
Rick Perry………… 15  2.4%
Chris Christie…….. 13  2.1%
Paul Ryan…………. 11  1.7%
Mike Huckabee……… 10  1.6%
Bobby Jindal………. 10  1.6%

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  1. By MW:

    Let's not talk about Donald Trump specifically, let's instead talk about the Demagogue Party, in other words the so called political party of such “great liberals” and “wonderful humanitarians” as Dianne Feinstein, Willie Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, the Clintons, and Barbara Boxer, etc, etc,etc.

    It shall be interesting to observe the almost total destruction of the DP once the general public wakes up to the fact that there is very likely a link between the murder of Kathryn Steinle and the deaths of six people in Berkeley due to a balcony that collapsed, in other words that the real reason that the DP politicians in such places as San Francisco and Berkeley are in favor of “sanctuary” ordinances and refusing to enforce federal immigration law is NOT due to their so called “humanitarianism,” but for various sleazy reasons, and including so as to have easily and readily available a huge workforce of low paid slave labor for various businesses, and especially in construction and building services, that prefer to use as many undocumented aliens as possible, and instead of legal and higher paid, and often union, labor.

    For instance, an excellent question is whether any portion of the construction of the balconies at that particular apartment complex in Berkeley where six people died were constructed by contractors or subcontractors that used low cost undocumented alien slave labor.


    But remember the expression, “Rats deserting a sinking ship.” So therefore now we have even such demagogues and charlatans as Dianne Feinstein and Hillary Clinton pretending, and as result of the murder of Kathryn Steinle, that they are opposed to SF's interpretation of its sanctuary ordinance.

    To summarize, once the general public wakes up to what the “great liberals” and “wonderful humanitarians” who lead the DP really and actually stand for, the DP will lose the overwhelming majority of its largest and most important base of voters, in other words the blue collar workers and lower middle income groups who since at least the1920's have been the most important component of DP election victories.


  2. Usually can't stand Trump, but he's SO right about the illegals.

    Yes, I'm a Democrat who won't stand for this ultra-liberal bull shit anymore. As Peter Finch so aptly stated in 'Network,' I'm mad as fuck and not going to take that ultra-liberal shit anymore!


  3. By MW:

    Relating to my previous post of 10:41AM, one of the dirtiest little secrets relating to the building, construction, and remodeling industries is the prevalence, and especially in the Bay area, of the use of undocumented aliens as unwitting dupes by sleazy building owners and construction companies for asbestos “cleanups” and the illegal dumping of asbestos debris.

    For instance at one major Bay area building that I worked in, the janitorial was done by a company that pretended to be union, in other words a janitorial company that had a skeleton union crew working Monday thru Friday day shift, but had the majority of the janitorial done by undocumented aliens who it sneaked in at night and on weekends, and then often fired without pay, and under threat of turning them into Immigration for deportation.

    That building, and which was also loaded with asbestos, also had constant remodeling projects going on, projects that disturbed and stirred up the asbestos and caused huge amounts of it to end up in the tenants' lungs.

    And rather than paying the large fees to hire a contractor specializing in asbestos abatement, instead the building ownership and its management company saved huge amounts of money by having most of the asbestos “abatement” and disposal done by undocumented aliens who were used as unwitting dupes, and in most cases probably thought it was just ordinary plaster and dust they were handling.

    Since the building's primary owner was as politically connected as could be, and also had extremely close relationships with virtually all of the big boys, and including Feinstein, Willie Brown, John Burton, Bill Lockyer, and the Clintons, etc, and who all “knew” he was “wonderful,” “honest,” and the soul of “integrity” since he was a major source of election campaign fundraising, complaints to the legal authorities were mostly a waste of time.

    And that is the biggest reason, in other words access to low cost undocumented alien slave labor by those business owners who give them large election campaign contributions, why the “great liberals” and “wonderful humanitarians” who infest City Hall in such places as San Francisco and Berserkely are in favor of sanctuary ordinances.


  4. Trump is a joke and has zero chance to be the Republican nominee.


  5. Guy is mucho correcto on duh illegals.


  6. By MW:

    Concerning Donald Trump's assertions that the undocumented aliens from Mexico that are in the US commit an extremely high percentage of the major crimes that occur in our country, in other words according to Trump a much higher percentage than might normally be expected based only on their percentage of the total US population:

    1. I have no idea as to whether or not he is correct.

    1A. However for instance in San Francisco for at least a few decades it has been the policy of the local government to not arrest undocumented aliens who commit certain crimes, and by using the rationale that supposedly certain crimes are not really that big a deal, but that if the undocumented aliens who committed those crimes were arrested and prosecuted, it would then lead to them being deported by the federal government. So therefore SF for decades has had a policy of usually not arresting, and almost never prosecuting, undocumented aliens who commit certain crimes.

    2. And the REAL and ACTUAL reasons the “great liberals” and “wonderful humanitarians, and such as for instance Nancy Pelosi, who have influence in such places as SF are in favor of sanctuary ordinances and making their cities havens to huge groups of undocumented aliens are not out of humanitarian concerns, but instead due to the facts that: one, poor people, people of low skills, and recent immigrants vote Democrat, and rather than Republican, by huge margins; two, those businessmen who are major sources of election campaign contributions to Pelosi and her associates want easy access to an unlimited supply of low cost undocumented alien slave labor; three, having a huge supply of low cost undocumented alien slave labor present drives incomes down, and also increases the unemployment rate, for families whose members were born in the US and are here legally; and four, poor people, unemployed people, and people on welfare vote Democrat, and rather than Republican, by overwhelming margins.


    And related to the above economic issues, Hillary is making a huge part of her PR campaign that supposedly she is in favor of increasing economic opportunity and economic equality for everybody. However, the real and actual facts are that of families that make less than 50K per year, their members vote Democrat by large margins, and while of families that make over 100K per year, their members vote Republican by large majorities.

    And of families that make less than 25K per year and/or are on welfare, certainly close to one hundred percent of their members vote Democrat. And certainly Hillary “The Big Sleazy Windbag, Demagogue, and Charlatan” Clinton is extremely aware of that, so the very last thing she would really actually try to do is solve all of the major problems, and especially income equality, she is pretending to be interested in solving.


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