Assemblymember Bill Quirk’s AB 730 was also
signed into law this week.
Defines hydrogen fuel for cars as not a public utility

ASSEMBLY | 20TH DISTRICT | A bill that allows the hydrogen fuel industry to sidestep potential regulatory oversight was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown Wednesday.

Hayward Assemblymember Bill Quirk’s bill sought to designate hydrogen fuel retailer as not a public utility like privately-owned gas, electric, water and telecom corporations. 
Such utilities are subject to the California Public Utilities Commission’s power to fix rates and establish regulatory policies. But, under the new state law, hydrogen fuel will not face CPUC oversight.
Assembly Bill 1008 was seen as a vehicle for encouraging greater investment, use and development of alternative vehicle fuels to limit greenhouse gas emissions in the state. 
Quirk argued California’s regulations over the use of hydrogen fuel for retail purposes was sowing uncertainty among potential investors interested in building up the state’s alternative fuel infrastructure.
The Legislature totally agreed. AB 1008 did not receive a no vote on its path to the governor’s desk.
Brown signed another Quirk bill on Monday. Assembly Bill 730 requires the conviction of transporting cannabis, psychedelic mushrooms, and other drugs include an intent to sell. 
The legal requirement is now in line with convictions for cocaine, heroin and other narcotics. The bill ostensibly redefined the word “transport” to mean an intent to sell.