Eden Township eyes potential parcel tax to prop up struggling hospitals

A potential parcel tax might split revenues
between St. Rose and San Leandro Hospitals.

Healthcare district looked at parcel tax in 2012

EDEN TOWNSHIP | Two struggling East Bay hospitals may need the help of voters next year with a parcel tax. The embattled Eden Township Healthcare District is taking the first steps toward exploring whether a district-wide parcel tax is feasible — and whether it has the legal authority to pursue a ballot measure.

Although the Eden Township District no longer oversees any hospitals, the parcel tax proceeds would benefit one of the hospitals it used to run: San Leandro Hospital. The district, which stretches between San Leandro and Union City and includes portions of unincorporated Alameda County, also used to operate Eden Hospital in Castro Valley.

Alameda County Supervisor
Richard Valle

In recent months, Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan and the San Leandro City Council have urged the Eden Township District to pay more toward helping the financially strapped San Leandro Hospital. Officials from Alameda Health System, which now operate the hospital, said the facility lost $12 million last year and expects another shortfall of around $4.7 million this fiscal year. San Leandro Hospital Administrator James Jackson, though, boasted recently to the San Leandro City Council that he would improve on estimates for this year, a fact that may undermine the need for taxpayers’ help next year.

Last week, Chan said her office is currently seeking local and state legislators to sign on to her plan calling for Sutter Health and the Eden Township Healthcare District to contribute a yearly total subsidy of $4 million over five years to San Leandro Hospital.

But a split among members of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors over how to prop up the hospital was revealed at an Eden Township District board meeting Wednesday when Supervisor Richard Valle offered strong support for pursuing a potential hospital parcel tax. Any parcel tax, however, must be evenly split between two hospitals: San Leandro Hospital and St. Rose Hospital in Hayward, said Valle. In fact, St. Rose is arguably in worse financial shape than San Leandro Hospital and still owes the Eden Township more than $1 million for short-term loan to replenish its cash flow. “I think at the end of the day, if we all know it will benefit these two hospitals,” said Valle, “I think we’ll stand up because we know it’s going to be a big lift, we all know that.”


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  1. If, as the Express article says, these hospitals are “hemorrhaging losses”, why? Is it cost of facilities? Cost of human resources? Is it a low ratio of reimbursements to services provided? I would want to know a lot more about the business model and the management practices before I'd ever even consider voting for a parcel tax.


  2. I get really tired of institutions like hospitals and government coming to grab more money from citizens to pay for their bad management. And I know from first hand experience that the county is very badly managed. The first thing that they think of when there is a shortfall is to make program cuts (thus making for bad service) and then trying to get money from the citizens. Why doesn't the county just pay for the problem out of their $400 million Golden Fund?


  3. Dev Mahadevan should have been let go years ago. He was always trying to help Sutter by closing the ER at San Leandro hospital. Now he doesn't want to pay what was pledged to help keep San Leandro Hospital open. Just close ETHD because they are paying out more in salaries than they are giving out in grants. Use their 40 million in assets to pay what they said to San Leandro and the rest go to help St. Rose.


  4. Why even have an Eden Township Healthcare District Board if they don't save San Leandro Hospital's Emergency Room?


  5. The article has one glaring error the Eden District never ran San Leandro, they purchased it and then contracted with Sutter to run it. Also if the Eden District had not filed the law suit SLH would be closed today. So now everyone is throwing stones at the Eden Board but they were not there to support the District when they took on Sutter. Chan & Briscoe are not being honest when they talk about the sustainability of Highland or SLH, SLH has about 10 to 12 patients a day at that rate it will always lose money. AHS is losing 50 million this year but they think they will make 25 million next year how? Maybe Tavares ought look into where the billion dollars in supplemental funding at AHS went over the last 10 years.


  6. By MW:

    Rather than the members of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors considering hitting AC residents with a parcel tax, a much better solution would be for the County to raise some money by no longer paying such outrageously high salaries to the County's very highest ranking managers.

    For instance Susan Muranishi, and who is AC's Administrator, has a total compensation of approx. 770K per year. That's right, almost 800K, AND WHEN SHE RETIRES SHE WILL CONTINUE RECEIVING SIMILAR COMPENSATION FOR LIFE.

    According to some articles I have read, she is supposedly the highest paid county administrator in the entire state of California.

    NIOTE: If Susan Muranishi, in other words AC's Administrator, is being actually paid by AC more money than any other county administrator in the entire state, then, and based on the “standards” of AC government, she is definitely worth it, since I seriously doubt there is another county administrator in the entire state of California, and maybe not even in the entire United States, who does nearly as good a job as Susan Muranishi at turning a blind eye at and absolutely refusing to notice wrongdoing regularly engaged in by the higher ranking managers in the various County departments she pretends to manage and supervise.

    And while the salary and total compensation Susan Muranishi is receiving is absolutely, ridiculously, and outrageously high, however she is not the only high ranking manager in AC government who is receiving a salary and total compensation that can only be described as a total ripoff of the taxpayers.


  7. By MW:

    As a followup to my previous post, the reason the Alameda County Board of Supervisors sets such absurdly and outrageously high salaries for the higher ranking managers in the various departments of AC government is because AC many years ago ceased to have a legitimate government, but instead its so called government evolved into a sleazy organized crime ring of thieves, parasites, and ripoff artists whose primary purpose is to help themselves, each other, and their friends, associates, and co-conspirators.

    And related to that, anytime a whistleblower complains that this or that particular manager is awarding contracts to various businesses based on receiving under the table bribes from various vendors, then the County government arranges to have the assertions “investigated” by a team of sleazy professional pathological liars and common criminals hiding behind law licenses from the DA's office and/or County Counsel's office, and who in other words always engage in a choreographed, scripted, and prearranged “investigation” that has three primary purposes; one, covering up the facts and the truth; two, protecting the big boys; and three, inventing and providing a “basis” for retaliating against the whistleblowers.


  8. The public needs to read the Grand Jury report of 6/15 starting on page 51. It sheds light on how AHS mismanaged its' finances.


  9. ETHD needs to honor their commitment to San Leandro Hospital.
    Dev Mahadevan should have been fired years ago.


  10. Agree with above. Dev, CEO of ETHD, was CFO of Doctor's Hospital in San Pablo when it was forced to declare bankruptcy. Did his Board know this? Is his practice to close hospitals?


  11. The deal was to get money from Sutter Health. The District is paying Sutter 17M in damages. Sutter was suppose to give that money to SLH. Wilma needs to talk to Sutter!!!!


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