Rep. Eric Swalwell

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | If Rep. Eric Swalwell could sing and dance he would be one of the Jonas Brothers. But all indication is he is not an entertainer, but the craving for the limelight is also evident in his political career.

In fact, his streak for never posting a single political accomplishment of note is now five years. Never as a Dublin councilmember and never as representative of the Fifteenth Congressional District. What’s left over is a desire to be famous.

Last week, Swalwell announced his endorsement of Martin O’Malley for president. The selection is definitely out of the box. Swalwell is the first Democrat in the House to lodge an endorsement for anybody other than Hillary Clinton (Note: the Clintons are highly vindictive. If Clinton wins the White House, there will be repercussions for Swalwell’s decision.)

Martin O’Malley

In Roll Call, Swalwell note a long affinity for O’Malley, which he has referenced even before the former Maryland governor decided to run for the Democratic nomination. But he’s another reason why Swalwell endorsed O’Malley: Under no other scenario would Swalwell’s support for a presidential candidate feature the young congressman on a stage with the candidate, in addition, in the battleground state of Iowa?

If Swalwell backed the presumptive nominee, Clinton, it wouldn’t even trigger a perfunctory press release. Clinton might even ask her staff, “Swalwell, who?”