Assemblymember Bill Quirk on nuclear weapons
in Iran: “I they want to…They can do it anytime.”

ASSEMBLY | 20TH DISTRICT | Twentieth Assembly District member Bill Quirk’s former career as a nuclear physicist has long been noted going as far back as his time as a Hayward council member.

With Washington nearing debate over the Iran nuclear deal brokered by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Quirk has some expertise in foreign nuclear weapons projects. 

During this week’s East Bay Citizen Show podcast, he revealed past experience studying Iran’s nuclear capabilities.
“If we deny this agreement, we just leave it open for them to have a nuclear weapon,” said Quirk, who represents Hayward, the Tri Cities and Castro Valley.
Iranian scientists are trained within country, added Quirk. “They have the knowledge. They have missiles. In fact, the only way we can get them to stop is get them to agree to stop.”
Based analysis he once compiled as a weapons inspector, civilian leadership in Iran has little taste for nuclear weapons, while the Iranian military likely does.
“What we have are the ayatollahs are our friends,” said Quirk. “The ayatollahs have felt it is immoral to have nuclear weapons, or for that matter, chemical weapons. So they have the balance of power. We want an agreement that solidifies that balance of power because there is no way to stop them. If they want to, they have the capability. They can do it anytime.”