COLISEUM | With a Friday deadline for Coliseum City developer Floyd Kephart to present his final financial proposal to city and county leaders, Oakland’s point-person on the project, Assistant City Administrator Claudia Cappio signaled today that other options are also being pursued for stadiums to house the Raiders and Athletics. “We’re still working on what I believe will be a very serious offer in the near term to both sports stadiums in order to keep them here,” Cappio said at a press conference Friday afternoon in front of Oakland City Hall.

The exclusive negotiating agreement (ENA) that the city and Alameda County officials signed last year with Kephart’s group is due to expire on September 24.

Cappio described stadium discussions with both Raiders and Athletics officials in positive terms. “There is honesty and forthrightness at both sides of the table,” she said.

As stated in the ENA, Oakland and Alameda County are able to explore alternative proposals to Kephart’s Coliseum City plan and they appear to be acting on that right. When asked by a reporter whether the city is studying a separate proposal, Cappio said, “I’m looking at all my options in order to fully inform my decision.” She viewed the stadium situation as a “three-pronged path” that includes the Raiders, the Athletics, and Kephart’s proposal….